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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Little Discouraged

I am very grateful for the life God has blessed me with – a great husband, fabulous kids, beautiful grandkids, my parents and all of my extended family, as well as being able to travel this wonderful country. Sometimes, however, life throws you a curve and it's a little discouraging.

Randy took the truck into the shop for a minor repair and the mechanic found something else that needed fixing. Oh, it wasn't horrible and the cost was under $500, but we sure didn't plan on this.

We are workamping this winter for four months in order to rebuild our savings! But. I am grateful that we have the workamping gig so that we will be able to pay off the credit card and still put some money away.

Thanks for putting up with my whining. So many folks I know have been hit with unexpected financial issues this year. It's just part of life – there are ups and downs.

Until the next time . . .


  1. Are you workamping at the Escapees park?

  2. I like that...workamping! I can't wait to use it some day! haha!
    Sorry about the truck but better now than when you are blazing down the highway, right?

  3. Last month we had plumbers in fix a couple of things around the house. Instead of it being 2 hours and $300 it ended up being 6 hours and $1200!!! The worst part was that everything they fixed NEEDED to be done - for the safety of our house.

    I'm really glad you guys have the workamping opportunity! I love seeing how God provides :-)

  4. So sorry you are feeling discouraged but I know it will only be temporary. You have a good attitude and it will prevail. You will come out on top.