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Friday, November 04, 2011

Just a Little Exploration

The weather has taken quite a chilly turn. When we got arrived on Wednesday, I was wearing flipflops and short sleeves. Today? Notsomuch! I'm in sweats.

Yesterday we hibernated. Today we had to go out to fuel up the truck so I figured we really should look around a bit. After all, we are just a few minutes away from Memphis. Since it was chilly and damp, we were just going to do a drive-by of downtown. But, it's tough getting pictures that way! However, I am too cheap to pay $5 to park when all I wanted to do was grab a couple of pictures.

Randy suggested that he drop me off so I could shoot a couple of pictures while he drove around the block. But, we got lucky and found on-street metered parking. So, for 50 cents we were able to walk around Beale Street for a few minutes to get the pictures I wanted. :)

Beale Street, Memphis

When we traveled through Memphis a few years ago, we stopped for a day so we could visit Graceland. We never got to Beale Street and I kinda regretted that. Even though we're not nightlife folks, it's still fun to see the historic area.

So, we walked the couple of blocks of historic Beale Street, got some pictures, and made me a happy camper. :) It's a pretty cool area, actually.

Tribute to Elvis Looking down Beale St BB King's restaurant Looking up Beale St Old-time Trolley Orpheum Theater

Getting to Beale Street from I-55, we drove along Riverside Drive. There are some fabulous homes that sit up on a hill overlooking the Mississippi River. This is the best shot I could get of them.

Big houses overlooking MS River in Memphis

Tomorrow we begin the final leg of our travel southward. We'll drive as far as Randy feels like driving then we'll spend the night on the road, arriving at Rainbow Plantation in Summerdale, AL by noon on Sunday.

It's gonna be fanTASTic to see lots of our friends who have already arrived at the Plantation. It's definitely our southern “home.”

Until the next time . . .

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  1. The Blues City Cafe - right there across from BB King's - fantastic ribs!