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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Traveling South

The first of November found us getting ready to travel once again. After going to the bank to get some much needed funds (yay for payday!) and then fueling ourselves at IHOP and the truck at Shell, we headed back to the campground to finish breaking camp.

Typically we try to get on the road no later than 9am. But, we knew we would be spending the night on the road in a parking lot somewhere so there was no need to hurry. We finally pulled out about 12:30pm – very late for us!

And leaving that late made the day seem so very long. We traveled east on I-70 until St. Louis, then we headed south on I-55. Randy really wanted to get past St. Louis before stopping for the night. And it felt like we were never going to get there. We finally stopped about 7:30pm in Arnold, MO at a WalMart. Whew. I was ready and I'm pretty sure Randy was, too.

After a fairly restful night, we were back up about 6:30 and on the road before 7:30. We needed to find somewhere to fill Randy's coffee carafe. For those of you who know Randy well, you know how important this is! Unfortunately, there was nothing to be found in the shopping center where we stayed overnight. So, down the road we went.

Ahhhhh! Just 12 miles down the road, a Cracker Barrel called our names. :) Good! Now we can get Randy's coffee; crisis averted. Oh, and we filled ourselves, too. :)

Just five hours or so later, we were pulling into Tom Sawyer's Mississippi River RV Park. Many of our friends have stayed here and raved about it.

Tom Sawyer RV, West Memphis, AR

I have to admit it's more rustic than I anticipated. Not that that's a bad thing. It's a nice park, right on the Mississippi – I mean RIGHT on the river. And that's the draw. We were fortunate to get a pull-thru site that was on the river, so our view out the back window is all river, all the time.

View out of our back window

And I do love watching water flow. Very peaceful.

Mississippi RiverWhat else would you expect to see!

And it's fun watching the barges float by. Especially at night. It's so cool to look out the window and see lights floating down the river.

This will be home for the next couple of days. Saturday we'll be back on the road, heading to Rainbow Plantation. We'll get there on Sunday.

Today's weather isn't supposed to be so great. It's been very windy since about 2am (and we've been up since 2:30!!) and the rains came in not too long after that. So, it'll probably be a stay-at-home day. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

Oh! And we get to put another state on our map. This is our first time camping in Arkansas!

First time in AR

I'll leave you with some Halloween pics of our beautiful grandchildren. Fun, huh? :)

Tommy (12 years old)Tommy - Halloween 2011

Reagan (6 years old)Halloween night

AubreyLynn (2.5 months old)AL's first Halloween

Until the next time . . .


  1. Yup - the draw for Tom Sawyer is the river - certainly not the surrounding community or the other park amenities. Although I believe the laundry facilities are free and the machines were new this last spring! Imagine the whole place under 5-10 feet of water when it floods!!

  2. Nice spot on the river. I think I'm subconsciously following all the bloggers who are either "south" or heading south for the winter.
    So thanks for letting me live vicariously.

  3. I sure know what you mean about the coffee! Russ HAS to have his coffee or he gets very cranky...

    Really cute photos of the grandkids. It's so fun for them to get dressed up and let their imaginations run free.