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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Winding Down in Alabama

Christmas is over for another year. And while we didn't celebrate it in our usual way, by going home to the East Coast, it was nice. Very quiet, but nice. And with technology that allows us to video chat with family, we were at least able to watch the two of the three grandkids open their gifts. And we were able to talk to all of our kids, so I'm grateful for that.

Two days after Christmas we welcomed Darrell & Judy home! They have been away since early November; first working at Amazon in Kentucky, then spending Christmas with some of their grandkids in Tennessee. But, by Tuesday evening they'd found their way home. Then, we had them over for a travel day meal. We were so glad they weren't too tired to come over. So good to see them.

Today we're going to Big Daddy's, a favorite local restaurant, for lunch with Darrell & Judy and Jim & Ellie. Don't worry, Mike! I'll leave a couple blackened shrimp for you – but just a couple!!

(A couple of hours later): Well, Mike, you don't have to worry about me having eaten all the shrimp at Big Daddy's – they were closed!!! But, looks like they'll be open by the time you and Peggy get to Alabama.

After a high-level conference, the six of us went to Kraver's, another local seafood restaurant, just a bit further up the road. None of us had been there, but we'd heard good things about it. And those things were right! All of us were very pleased with our meals. So, another restaurant goes on the “favorites” list. :)

Now, we're looking forward to another adventure. Sunday morning we'll be moving on to Bonifay, Florida for our workamping gig at Florida Springs RV Resort. We've never been to this park and all we know about it is what we've seen on their website and learned from talking to Alicia, one of the owners. But, I enjoyed talking with her and it looks like a nice park. We're planning on having a good time.

It will be hard to leave Alabama, though. We have so many friends here and are involved in several activities as well as our church. But, God has provided this opportunity to put some money away. The savings account is very happy about that 'cause it's been screaming, “FEED ME!” for awhile now. :)

So, that's the plan. Our next post will likely be from sunny (hopefully) Florida. Until the next time . . .


  1. Boy ... They better not run outa shrimp before I get there! See y'all in Bonifay.

  2. Travel safe and hope you enjoy your workamping in Florida.

  3. I love the font you are using! How do I get that? It is so fun!

  4. Michael & Dee, I hope you see this response to your question as I didn't have an email address to which to send it. Anyway, the font that I use for the blog posts is "Comic Sans" and that's found on Live Writer. The font for the comments and side bar info is "Coming Soon" and it's found in the Blogger template designs under the "Advanced" tab.

    Thanks for reading!