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Friday, November 02, 2007

Easy Travel from NC to Pigeon Forge, TN

We left Canton, NC yesterday under beautifully sunny skies and with a relaxed attitude. After all, we only had an hour and a half drive to our next stop, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee! As we drove along 40W, we saw a billboard sign for Cracker Barrel.

Well, you know what happened next - can you guess??? Yep, Randy said we'd stop, because it was only 11:00 and we only had another hour before getting to our next campground. And, you just don't want to get in too early! :) So, we were able to cross another CB off the list. I think we've hit about 40 since we've started counting. That may sound like a lot (as our friend, Dan, said) but when you consider there are almost 600 CBs in the country, we have a long way to go.

We drove into Pigeon Forge about 1:40 or so and were immediately overwhelmed by the growth. Now, I admit, we haven't been to this area in almost 9 years, but still . . . This is one crazy place! If you can't find something to do here, you are truly catatonic. That's kind of how I felt, actually, once we drove through town because my senses were exhausted from taking it all in.

As we pulled into Shady Oaks, our home for the next 11 days, we were a little concerned. It's not fancy at all and that's okay, but it's a little on the seedy side. Not much, but a little. For $15 a night, we are not complaining. We've got our own bathroom, so who cares!

Set up was a little frustrating. We got the RV parked fine and the internet satellite went up easily, but not so much with the DISH satellite. Randy moved it 3 times, to no avail. So, we may have to deal with broadcast channels - I know, poor us. The picture's not so great, but it's doable.

Although we were both beat by the time we got finished, we still needed to go to the grocery. It is the first of the month, after all. We debated whether to wait until the morning, but figured we'd best go while we were moving. We have other chores to do today. So, off we went, back down the main drag of Pigeon Forge to the WalMart. We thought since folks were just getting off work it might not be so crowded - HA!! That store has to be THE most busiest WalMart we have ever been in. UGH! But, we prevailed, got through the checkout line and headed back to the campground.

Now, it's dark by this time, right? And remember I said that the main thoroughfare of Pigeon Forge was overwhelming when we came through in the early afternoon? OH MY GOSH!! That ain't nothing compared to what it looks like in the dark! Talk about sensory overload. There are lights; flashing, strobe, still, you name it, everywhere. Combine that with the Christmas decorations that are up, and it's crazy.

Not much planned for today. Got 2 weeks of laundry to do (and it's already in the dryer!) and should clean the RV. Yes, even the life of the retiree has chores!

We're looking forward to exploring the area - lots to see, obviously! I'm sure I'll more to share over the next couple of days. Until the next time . . .

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  1. Lindsay12:35 PM

    Don't knock our favorite vacation spot... you sound like an old F**T!