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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Opryland Hotel

The weatherman predicted another ugly, rainy afternoon for today - UGH! But, we woke up to beautifully sunny skies, so we decided to get out of the RV for a little while before the rain hit. So, off to breakfast at a local diner and down the road we went.

There is a Camping World just down the road a little so, of course, we needed to stop there. For those of you who do not camp, this store is the Home Depot for campers. Men can always find something they need to get at Camping World! :)

A little further down the road is the Grand Ole Opry and the Opryland Hotel. The Grand Ole Opry was closed because they are getting ready for The Radio City Rockettes show to come to town. The Opry Shop was open, though, so we meandered through it. The actual Grand Ole Opry shows are being performed at the Ryman Auditorium downtown through February. We looked at the schedule and there's no one I really want to see, so we won't be going to a show.

We also wanted to go through the Opry museum, but it was closed, too, until February!! I didn't quite understand that 'cause it's not like folks don't come to
Nashville in the winter! Oh, well. Another item for the list of "things to do when we come back."

Next to the Grand Ole Opry is the glorious Opryland Hotel. This hotel is something to see. If you ever come to Nashville, you must put this on your "must see" list. To say it is gorgeous, doesn't begin to do it justice. Even more so because it is
decorated for Christmas! The hotel is laid out like a wheel - all of the rooms run down hallways like spokes off a wheel. In the "hub" are several stories of landscaped walkways, restaurants, and gardens. We spent more than an hour walking through the different stories, taking pictures of the beautiful decorations. I'm sure we looked like country bumpkins in the big city for the first time as we oohed and ahhed our way through the hotel. I can't put all of the pictures here, so please be sure to check out the other pictures on our Webshots site.

We timed our exit from the
hotel pretty well - it began raining as we walked to the truck. Just as we got in, the skies opened up and poured!! It was a tense drive home; I was grateful we only had about a 15 minute drive. It was ugly. We've had thunderstorms all through the afternoon. It's still raining off and on as I write this. And I'm not complaining, I know how desperately the rain is needed.

Our plans have changed. Since the weather has not been the best, and the forecast is for less rain but much colder weather the rest of the week, we decided to take it easy while here. I know, you're thinking about how much there is to do here and how can we not go sightseeing??? Well, that's the beauty of our lifestyle - we can come back anytime we want! And that's the plan. We want to come back next fall and stay for a couple of weeks so we can sightsee without feeling pushed to do it all in just a couple of days.

We will probably take a drive down to
Lynchburg tomorrow or Friday so we can tour the Jack Daniels Distillery. My sister and her husband did that when they were here and Paula said it was a good tour. And I do want to go downtown and get some pictures of some of the famous spots. So, we do have plenty to do.

Hope all is well in your world. Take care of one another. Drop us a line when you can. We love to hear from you! Until the next time . . .

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