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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Lazy Weekend

It's 6:00 Sunday evening and we are ending a very relaxing (read "lazy") weekend by sitting in our recliners and watching some TV. Actually, Randy is watching the movie, "The Mummy Returns," and I am writing.

We didn't do much this weekend, so I don't have a lot to share with you, but thought I'd post anyway. We did take a couple of scenic drives, one yesterday and one today.

Yesterday, we drove into Gatlinburg to see how it has changed in these 9 years since we've been here and were met with lots of traffic and even more people! At one point as we crawled through town, Randy looked at me like, "who's idea was this???" I will admit, it was mine. I never thought about it being Saturday. Every day is the same for us!! Anyway, we made it through town and came upon an entrance to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and a scenic drive called Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail. So, we decided to take that drive.

As we traveled along the route, it was indeed scenic. Of course, after having driven along the Blue Ridge Parkway, it's hard to find scenery more beautiful. But, this road curved along a river, so it was a little different. We came to a fork in the road and there was a sign warning of sharp curves and a narrow road that was for cars, vans and pick-up trucks only. I suggested maybe we shouldn't take that road, but Randy said we'd go for it. Now, I realize we have a pick-up truck, but it's a BIG pick-up truck. For the most part, it wasn't too tough to navigate, but there were a couple of places that I thought we might not make it. But, thanks to my great driver of a husband, we got through without a scrape.

This morning we went to church at the First Baptist Church of Pigeon Forge. It was good-sized congregation and was a typical Southern Baptist worship service. Although, the choir did sing a great southern gospel song, quite upbeat. I enjoyed that. I do miss being part of a church body, but gotta admit it's kinda fun going to different churches each week. For one thing, you can wear the same thing each week and nobody knows it!! :) Actually, it's fun to see how different congregations worship, but also see the similarities in the Body of Christ. It's nice to have a "home" no matter where we are.

This afternoon we went on a hunt for a park model dealership we'd found on the web. For those of you who don't know, a park model is kind of a miniature mobile home. We want to get an idea of cost; what you get for how much $. We're always trying to think of the future. Although we have no immediate plans to get off the road, you never know what's coming and we figure at some point we'll do the six months/six months thing - six months in the north and six months in the south. And we can put a park model at the campground in PA.

Anyway, so we went looking for this dealership which was supposed to be in Walland, TN, about 30 to 45 minutes away from Pigeon Forge. We had looked at the website before we left PA. Well, when I tried to access the website yesterday, it was no where to be found. I figured it was just a server problem. To make a long story even longer, after driving around for a while, we finally found the "dealership" - it was on the side of the road in Walland and had all of ONE park model sitting there!! What a waste of time. We didn't even bother to stop.

To salvage the drive and the afternoon, we took a different route back to the
campground. There were several country stores on the way back. We stopped at Apple Valley Country Stores. I took a picture of the outside 'cause it looked so inviting. Then, we continued our drive along another scenic route through a different part of the national park. Again, this route followed a river, the Little River. We meandered along and eventually found ourselves back in Gatlinburg, and then Pigeon Forge.

Tomorrow we are heading back to the national park, to an area called Cades Cove. Lindsay & Jason recommended it to us as it has lots of history to it and there's even a walking tour. Will probably have pictures to share with you.

Hope everyone is on Daylight Standard Time by now! :) Take care. Until the next time . . .

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