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Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Gathering of Friends

Tonight our small group from church got together at Bill & Lark's home to celebrate our time together over this past winter and to allow us to all be together one last time before those of us who will be leaving take off. Bill & Lark live in an absolutely gorgeous home on the water of Weeks Bay. They are the only couple in our group who live in a house full-time. Their home is so inviting and when one walks into it, one feels a prevailing sense of peace.

Bill and Lark always wanted to live in a lighthouse so when they were nearing retirement, they built themselves one! Well, not exactly, but I believe it's as close as you can get. The house is on stilts as it sits right on the water and you can access the living quarters by an outside staircase or use the very cool spiral staircase they had custom made for their home. The staircase begins on the ground level and winds up through the main level up into the cupola on top of the house. This cupola is Bill's haven and it is absolutely breathtaking. It is a lighthouse, no question about it. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a good picture of it, but please believe me when I say it is beautiful.

We all gathered outside (after oohing and aahhing during our tours of the house) to socialize and eat dinner. Of course, food had to be part of the evening!! Then as the daylight began to wane and the wind picked up, a fire was built and we circled our chairs around the fire and waited for the “show” to start. The show was the sun setting over Weeks Bay. Bill & Lark say it is special every night as it is different each time. Well, we sure weren't disappointed. Although it was a little hazy, it was still a great sight to see. Seeing such a beautiful sight never fails to remind me of what a great God we serve. He provides us with so much beauty around us every day.

What a great way to spend an evening – friends, food, and a show. Life just doesn't get any better than that. Randy & I left Bill & Lark's home knowing that we are very blessed to be living a life we enjoy and be surrounded by folks we care for. Hope you can say the same.

Until the next time . . .

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  1. Lindsay7:40 AM

    AWESOME sunset pictures, Mom!