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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Robertsdale Rodeo

Well, I found out that I'm not built for watching a rodeo – at least not for three and a half hours! :) The tickets said that the the rodeo was to begin at 7pm so we got there about 6:30, figuring to look around and get seated. We did just that and found out that the show was actually going to start at 7:30! That was a bit annoying, but once the show got started we forgot about the bleachers (at least that's what we told each other!) I'm glad the bleachers had backs to them, that made it a bit better.

The show didn't disappoint me, for the most part. It was everything I thought a rodeo should be. When the horses

and their riders came out of the “shoot” during the opening ceremonies, it was

glorious. Those beautiful horses were preening for the audience, I'd swear. And they are fast. We saw how fast later in the show during the barrel racing event.

I did feel sorry for those calves, though, I'll tell ya. Those cowboys toss those ropes around the calves' necks and yank – hard!! But, the calves jump up afterward and trot down the arena and out the gate. Guess they aren't hurting too much.

Not sure how those cowboys and cowgirls do it time after time. Man, the way their bodies jerk and twist and hit the ground. Whew! I'm sure they are keeping the ibuprofen folks in business. I hurt just looking at them. And I'm complaining about my back hurting after sitting on the

bleachers!! I'm a wimp, I'll admit it.

The last event of the evening is the bull riding, of course. It's the highlight of the rodeo. Those bulls are big boys. I have to say I was a bit disappointed, though. The bull riders wore protective helmets and vests!!! Not what I expected at all. I know, I know. It's very dangerous. I get that. But, gosh, the cowboys don't wear that stuff in the movies!! Anyway, for the most part, the bulls won. I think there was just one or two riders who went the 8 seconds.

Until the next time . . .

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