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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Almost Home

We spent the last couple of nights on the road; Saturday night was spent in Brunswick, GA which is just 30 miles north of the Florida/Georgia border. We want to go back there in October because it is very close to Jekyll Island which I've read is pretty cool. Sunday night found us in Florence, SC for an overnight stay.

Monday morning we set out for a three and a half hour trip to Winterville, NC to spend a couple of nights with Dan & Debbie. An hour and a half later we had gone all of 60 miles having to stop twice to find a truck stop with a good air hose. How frustrating. But, at the end of that hour and a half we found ourselves at a Cracker Barrel! That sure takes the frustration out of a morning. :) AND this was Randy's FIFTIETH Cracker Barrel! (Russ & Pat, we wished you were with us to celebrate!) I wanted to get a picture of Randy in front of this CB in Lumberton, SC, but I totally forgot. UGH! I was not happy when I realized that.

Anyway, we were finally rolling down the road putting the miles behind us. We had an uneventful trip, thank You, Lord, and got to Dan & Deb's about 3pm. So, what was supposed to have been an easy, short trip ended up being an easy, longer trip. Oh, well. We're retired, so what do we need to rush about for?? :)

We leave Dan & Deb's tomorrow morning and head to my folks' on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I'm really looking forward to seeing them, especially my mom since she's had a bit of a rough time since her surgery in March. We'll spend a week with them, just hanging out and doing whatever they want to do. Mommy's got a “honey do” list for Randy. He can't wait! But, it's really nice to be flexible enough to be able to stay and help them whenever they need it. After all, they certainly have done enough for us.

Hope you are happy in your world. If not, look inside yourself and see what it is that you can change, 'cause guess what? You are the only person you can change, so when you're not content, you can fix it within.

Until the next time . . .

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  1. Lindsay12:19 PM

    Give Grandma and Dad Dad hugs from us! XoXo!