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Friday, April 11, 2008

. . . and Still We Sit . . .

We've now been at “Camp” Monaco, as I've learned it's called, for four days. And you're thinking we're getting ready to leave tomorrow, right? WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!! The work has not even been started yet! Yeah, you heard me.

Part of the problem was that the technician who wrote up the diagnostics on the the worklist items is not the sharpest tool in the shed. He finished his diagnostics and gave the list to our service writer, Matthew, who in turn gave it to the person in charge of warranty work approval. She got halfway through the list and had to have Matthew come in to explain the descriptions to her. No, it wasn't legibility on the part of the tech's writing, it was his lack of a grasp of the English language (and he was not of ethnic heritage, either!). So, Matt had to find another tech to go back over the same worklist to rewrite the order. That brings us to yesterday afternoon and no actual work having been done on the rig.

This morning we were told that the warranty approvals were being sought and we would know something today. Now, we had approved one item that had been brought to our attention after we got here. That is the stripping and resealing of all the caulking on the outside of the rig. It's supposed to be done every two years at the most and we've never done it – we didn't know it was supposed to be done. So, on Wednesday, we gave Matt the go ahead to have that done, figuring it would get started because there was no warranty involved. Needless to say, for whatever reason, that hasn't begun either.

This afternoon we found out that only two of the items on our list would be covered by warranty. We were shocked. But, most of the items fell under that wonderful umbrella of “maintenance.” UGH! How the heck are you supposed to perform maintenance on things when nothing is wrong???? And when something does go wrong, isn't that what a warranty is for? Hmmmmmmmm . . .

We will now be guests of Camp Monaco for the weekend and well into next week, if not longer. Aren't we lucky? And we've found out from talking with others here, this is typical of the service facilities. You come and just figure you're here until your work is done. Some people have stayed for a month or more!! I find that unacceptable, but what are you going to do? The work has to be done and you're already here. But, I can promise you, my concerns and disgust will be shared with those in charge. I believe it's this way because no one complains enough and just figures “it's just the way it is.” My complaining may not do any good, but I feel service organizations need to know when they are not hitting the mark.

I'm sure I'll more to share as the week rolls on. Here are just a few pictures of Camp Monaco; there are more on the website. I need to get a picture of our setup to share with you. It's a sight to behold.

Our rig sits apart and alone. :(

Until the next time . . .

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  1. Ginger8:56 AM

    Ughh!!!! Not fun!
    Hoping you are soon on to much prettier places!