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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Checking In

Hey there. Sorry I haven't posted much this week. We've been hanging out at my folks' and then Lins & Reagan came down. It was SOOOOO great to see them. That little girl has grown up so much since we were home at Christmas. And Reagan's amazing, too! :) HAH!

Actually, we've been a little busier than expected as my mom ended up back in the hospital on Monday due to some internal bleeding. Since her surgery in March, she's been on cumadin (not sure how that's spelled) because of the blood clots. Well, it was too much for her system with the other meds she's on and her body couldn't handle it. Thankfully, Mommy knows her body well enough that she knew she was bleeding and got to the doctor's and was admitted to the hospital before she got very sick. I'm grateful to say that Mommy is doing very well now and she's off the cumadin and will probably be coming home in the next couple of days.

So, we didn't get to play as much with Lins & Reagan, but we still got extra time with them since I really expected not to see them until the end of the week. I just can't get enough of Reagan. She's funny, adorable, loving, and I'm so glad I'm home!!!!!

Randy & I figure we'll leave here this weekend, as long as my mom continues to get better. As much as it's been great to be here at my folks', we're looking forward to getting back into our home and bed. There's no place like home!

Until the next time . . .

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