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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Getting Involved

Kinda getting more into our routine here. Friday was a work day for Randy and me. Nothing too exciting there. Saturday I worked while Randy got his “me time” day. :) And boy, did he ever get a day to himself! I ended up working an eight hour day. I know!! That was like a real job! ;)

Actually, I had a great day. Alicia has tasked me with entering the daily reports into Excel. I am really excited about that. Yeah, I know that sounds weird to be excited about data entry and such, but it's something that's right up my alley. I love anything administrative-ish so this is fun for me. Also, since my work hours are on the quiet shift, it gives me something to do. I didn't intend to work eight hours on Saturday, but Alicia had to away from the office and I told her I'd hang out at the office until she returned. I was kinda tired when I got home. :)

But, I rallied enough to go out to dinner with Forrest & Gail, one of the other workamper couples here. There's a Mexican restaurant just up the road from the park and it's supposed to be really good. So, I asked Forrest & Gail if they'd join us for dinner there. They agreed, so about 6pm we picked them up and off we went.

The reviews were right on! The food was absolutely delicious. And so much for the price! I couldn't finish my meal, but Randy had no trouble finishing his (is anyone surprised?) AND mine! Forrest & Gail have eaten there several times and said they always enjoy their meals.

Randy & I really enjoyed getting to know Forrest & Gail. While Randy & Forrest work some of the same hours, Gail and I don't. So, we had to get together somehow and what better way than over a meal? :)

Of course, this morning was church. We went to first service and I sang with the choir. I like singing during the first service – it's very informal and NO robes! :) I do like this church, the folks are very friendly.

This evening Alicia and I went to a women's discipleship class. We'll study Scripture, share our lives and how God is working in them and fellowship. It was a good group; a mix of ages which is nice. I'm also going to attend a women's Bible study on Tuesday. That's going to be more structured, with a study guide and such.

Well, tomorrow's another work day for Randy. And while I don't work, it's not an “off” day for me – I gotta do laundry, update finances, and make up the menu for the rest of the month so we can go grocery shopping on Tuesday.

Hope you all have a great start to your week! Until the next time . . .

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  1. Sounds like you are very busy. As long as you can squeeze in an occasional Mexican restaurant and some church I guess it's all good :)) Glad you got to sing with the choir.