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Saturday, February 25, 2012

It’s About Time!

I finally got rid of those three pounds I'd gained during the holidays!! I was getting so dang frustrated – it was only three pounds, dangit! But, I just couldn't shed them for some reason even though I was exercising and watching what I was eating. Hopefully, there'll be some more loss coming. But, if not, my blood sugar is staying within the range the doctor wants and I'm not gaining, so I'll be grateful for the little things.

Otherwise, things are going on as usual. Randy & I worked yesterday and today. I felt kinda bad for Randy – the drastic change in weather didn't make going to work a lot of fun for him. Yesterday morning we left the rig and it was 70 degrees out. By the time Randy got home around noon, it was just 62 degrees. The rains had come in and the temps dropped quickly.

This morning was pretty darn chilly – just 42 degrees when I left for work at 9am!! Big change from yesterday! Oh, well. It's still better than being up north this time of year. :)

Not much else to share. From not-so-sunny Florida, until the next time . . .


  1. Good for you! When you're trying to control blood sugar, every pound counts. I know it makes a huge difference in Russ but it is so hard to make that commitment. Keep up the good work.

  2. Many years ago I had needed to lose weight. At first you will lose a quick few pounds and then stall a what is called a Plateau. You will sit there for what seems to be an eternity. Do not give up maintain you determination and suddenly the weight will start sliding away. It can be verynerve wracking but is very doable. Keepup the good work.

    It's about time.