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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What was That???

There was a big yellow orb in the sky today!! I wasn't sure what it was; it looked familiar, but I just wasn't sure. And then, I remembered! It was the sun!!! :) Yes, the sun made an appearance today for a little while. It was so nice to see it. I hope it comes back to visit tomorrow.

And that's the big news here in Bonifay. It has been raining off and on, mostly on for the past three days. Not the kind of weather that motivates one to do much of anything.

Yesterday I did get some paperwork done, including the preliminary work on the taxes. Randy had gone with Forrest to some medical appointments, so I had a few hours to myself. I also did some long overdue filing. And I finished my Bible study lesson for today. It was a very productive morning. The rest of the day was spent in our usual fashion – computers, TV, and relaxing.

Today I went to Bible study in the morning, then out to lunch with some of the women in the study group. That was fun. I ended up working this afternoon because Alicia was sick. Randy was pretty busy working on fixing a slow leak we have in the basement. Of course, it's never easy to work in that area. And he needs another part – figures.

We're working tomorrow because we switched shifts with Thursday so we can do our first-of-the-month errands on Thursday.

That's it. That's all I've got. Until the next time . . .

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