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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Just Havin’ Fun

Yes, two posts already this week and it's only Wednesday! But, don't get used to it, folks; we just had a bit more excitement than usual these past couple of days. :)

Last night we went out to dinner with Jim & Linda to a little restaurant in town. Everyone enjoyed their meals but me. Unfortunately, I ordered popcorn shrimp and it just wasn't good. But, the salad and mashed potatoes were yummy! And the company was fun, too, so I'm not complaining. I just wish I had sent the shrimp back 'cause they need to know. Oh, well. Next time I'll know what not to order. :)

Jim & Linda left today, heading west to our home – the Plantation in Summerdale, AL.

Linda & Jim in Bonifay, FL

We stopped by this morning to say our “see ya down the roads.”

Then, we took a drive north – to Dothan, AL. Yep, we crossed state lines! Actually, Dothan is the closest “big” city to us. And it definitely has everything we could ask for. Including . . . wait for it . . . drum roll, please . . .


We have not been to a CB since sometime in November. I know, I know! I can hardly believe it, either. So, Randy was able to get his CB fix today.

Randy getting a CB fix

It was really a productive day, too. We found a tobacco shop where Randy could purchase his tobacco and tubes. There was a Ford dealership where we stopped to pick up some fuel additive Randy likes to use. We walked through the mall and bought a couple of pans to replace our old ones. And then, we stopped at Camping World and kicked some tires (as Darrell would say). See, I told you – Dothan has pretty much anything you could ask for!

By then, it was a little past 1:00pm and it was time to head home. We'd had a really nice day. Tomorrow is our Monday and it's back to work for both of us.

Until the next time . . .

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  1. That sounds like a full, but fun, day. We don't have Cracker Barrel around here but we like to stop when we see one. Good stuff.