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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Celebrating the end of May

Why do we celebrate the end of May, you ask? Because May 31 is Randy's birthday! Today Randy turned 63 years young.

Backing up a bit, we arrived Cedar Lake Family Campground this past Tuesday around 2pm. We got set up on site 45 during a very hot afternoon. We were looking forward to getting showers and settling in for the evening. Unfortunately, that wasn't to be.

Our water heater wasn't working!!! We tried it on both the electric mode and the propane mode. Nothing. UGH!! We so needed showers, we headed over to Jason & Lindsay's who graciously allowed us to use their facilities. :)

Thankfully, just after we'd been home a few minutes, Bob Miller, the RV repairman we use here in PA, called. He was returning a call Randy had made to him last week. Can you say great timing! We need our slide toppers replaced but, of course, the water heater became paramount. Mr. Miller said he could come out the next day. YAY! We were praying the heater repair would not be too intensive.

Boy it felt good to sleep in our own bed Tuesday night!

Wednesday morning came and Randy was out the door early as he'd made an appointment last week to have the truck looked at. The ball joints need replacing. Yeah, it's always something. :) He was at the shop for just a couple of hours so the scope of work could be determined. Yep, the work needs to be done and an appointment is scheduled for June 6.

Late Wednesday afternoon Mr. Miller came and it was quickly determined that the water heater is just fine – Randy forgot to flip a switch from “bypass” to “normal.” Poor guy; he was so tired Tuesday from setting up in the heat that he just missed it. We were thanking God that no repair was necessary. Mr. Miller then took some measurements and said he'd get back to us with an estimate to replace the slide toppers. (Update: he called tonight – approximately $1200 to replace all three. Not bad.)

Now for today. Randy is very laid back about his birthday. Of course, those of you who know him aren't surprised about that, I'm sure. :) We spent the day with Lindsay and Reagan, then all of us, including Jason, went out for dinner.  Here are a couple pictures:

DSCF0225 Pop and his little girl Good job, Randy!

Just a few words about my husband. Randy is such a humble man and he loves his family unconditionally. He doesn't say much, but he feels deeply. He is my best friend and I am so grateful to have the privilege of being his wife and the recipient of his quiet devotion.

Until the next time . . .


  1. Not to mention that he is an astute observer of government tendencies. They just don't care ... They just build fences around it!

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  3. Happy Birthday Randy!! Yes, my friend, you found a jewel with Randy and he didn't do too bad himself!!

    Mike and I are so thankful you are BOTH a part of our lives!!