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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Live From Kentucky

We left Cumming, GA Monday morning about 11:30 which is much later than we usually get on the road. But, we knew we'd be overnighting in a Cracker Barrel parking lot so we didn't want to stop too early and be trapped in the RV. :) Our roughly six hour drive was uneventful, just the way we like it, arriving in Corbin, KY without incident.

The next morning we had a delicious breakfast (is there any other kind at CB???) and got back on the road. We had a less than three hour drive ahead of us, but it was going to be rainy one. I really don't like traveling in the rain, it makes me nervous. Randy is a wonderful driver, so he never makes me nervous. It's just all the other traffic and the wet roads and how people do dumb things in the rain. Thankfully, the rain stopped and the sun broke through and we were able to finish the drive to Union, KY under sunny skies.

We pulled in to Big Bone Lick State Park about noon on Tuesday. Temps were in the 60s and it was sunny. Perfect weather for setting up camp. As is typical is state parks, the site is just water and electric. That's the only down side to this park. It's lovely and quiet. So, we are back to “roughing it” - using the bath house for showers and most potty breaks. But, it's a small inconvenience when staying here means we're closer to our friends, Ray & Judy.

Once we'd gotten the rig set up and gotten showers, we headed over to Ray & Judy's. They were kind enough to feed us a travel day dinner and allow me to do a couple loads of laundry at their house. :) I said that it had been three years since we'd last seen them, but Judy did some calculating and figured out it had actually been four years. Oh, my. So hard to believe. However, as happens with good friends and we repeat here – the four of us picked up where we left off and enjoyed catching up with each others' lives. We had such a good time, it was 9:45pm before we even thought about the time.

Before we left, we made plans to spend Friday together. Randy wanted a down day today and Ray is playing golf tomorrow, so Friday was the first day we could make plans.

So, today we had no plans. I did get up and exercise for the first time in over a week. Ugh. So not easy to get back into it. And we made a WalMart and post office run. That's been it. Both of us also grabbed naps. :) Looks like tomorrow will be more of the same, minus the errands.

Until the next time . . .


  1. Glad you guys had an uneventful travel to Corbin. Being with friends is great, and picking up where you left off...priceless.

  2. Gladja made it safe and sound. As we approach Maine we're thinking about you guys, remembering last June and all the fun times we had in a few short days. Wish you could be here for a repeat performance. Take Care and May God Bless - - -