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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Don't you just hate it when your internet connection isn't reliable!?!?!! UGH! So frustrating, at least for me. I've often said I'd give up my TV before I'd give up computer. Anyway, I say that because I wanted to update the blog for two days but wasn't up for the frustration. This morning I seem to have a good connection, so I'm taking advantage of it. :)

Mother's Day was quiet for me. Being away from family means no big get-togethers with kids or my mom. However, I talked or messaged with all three of the kids so I was feeling the love. We even went out in the nasty rainy weather, computer in hand (so to speak), to find a good signal so we could Skype with Kevin. Now that's dedication!

Actually, we had a more important reason for Skyping with Kevin other than Mother's Day. Kevin has deployed to Afghanistan and will be gone for close to a year. I am so grateful for technology that allowed us to see him as well as talk to him before he left. We also got to “visit” with Sam, her folks, and our precious AubreyLynn. Oh, my. Being able to interact with that precious baby was a wonderful Mother's Day gift!

However, it was a little bittersweet since we knew contact with Kevin will be limited over the next several months. But, he has a job to do and is well trained for it. And we know that God is in control and has Kevin in His hands – I couldn't ask for anything more. As you think of our troops, I ask that you pray for Kevin and his family. Thanks.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon and evening with Ray & Judy. We went out to a local pub for dinner and went back to their house for coffee and dessert. We enjoyed a couple more hours of conversation before I needed to get home. I'd had a headache most of the day and finally just needed to be home.

We are going to meet up with Ray & Judy one more time this morning before we hitch up and get on the road. Since we're just overnighting somewhere along the way, we're not leaving until noon or so. And that's a great reason to have breakfast out with Ray & Judy! Of course, it's not like we need a reason. :)

Judy & Ray Powers, 2012

We've got two days of traveling ahead of us. Next stop – Berlin, MD! Can't wait to see my folks!

Until the next time . . .

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