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Monday, July 09, 2012

Family Doesn’t Have to Share DNA

I think everyone has friends who are like family to them. People who don't share their DNA, but are as close (or sometimes, closer) than people who do.

Yesterday Randy and I got together with some of those people. We have been friends with Cheri and her kids for about 20 years. We've walked with Cheri through a tough divorce and share tears and laughter with them all. Cheri used to live in PA, but is now living in VA with her new guy, Andy. And we are happy for her. The kids, Courtney and Marty still live in PA so Cheri comes up periodically to spend time with them. And this time, her visit coordinate with us being in PA, too!

We met at Marty and his wife, Katie's, Katie & Marty  apartment. Courtney and her guy, Josh, came, too.  Cheri made us a delicious dinner of chicken tetrazzini and broccoli casserole. I brought dessert which I worked hard at buying. :)

The eight of us had a grand time. You know how it's just like that with family? No awkward, breaking-the-ice time, just jump right in with hugs and laughter? Yeah, it was like that.

We played a game called Apples to Apples that Courtney brought. Courtney & Josh Never played it before, but it was fun! Of course, when you're with folks you like, most things are fun.

Anyway, we had a great time catching up. And, as usual, a hard time saying good-bye. But, Cheri & Andy are relocating to Macon, GA at the end of the summer and that's on our way north from Florida. Cheri & Andy I've already checked out the campgrounds in the area. :) So, we'll be seeing them more often, I hope.

Family, it's what makes my heart happy. :)

Having fun together

Until the next time . . .


  1. What a great post...and I totally agree with you. We have many in our family with whom we do not share DNA :))

  2. What perfect timing!! So gad you ALL were able to be together and share a wonderful time!! Isn't it a blessing how God extends our family!!

  3. Lindsay6:45 AM

    Courtney and Cheri match!! :)