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Friday, July 06, 2012

Meeting “Old” Friends for the First Time

Did I confuse you with my post title? I thought I was rather witty. :) For those of us in the RVing community, we know exactly what I mean. We are a special breed of folks and when we meet other RVers for the first time, it's like we've known each other forever because we have that special connection of living on the road. Add in the technology that allows us to “know” each other before meeting face-to-face (Facebook, blogs, etc.) and we're old friends.

And that's what Randy & I did today. We finally met up with John & Bridget. We've crossed paths but have never been able to connect. Well, we fixed that! As soon as I saw that their itinerary included Gettysburg, PA, I asked them to let us know when they'd be here so we could get together.

We met at Appalachian Brewing CompanyABC, Gettysburg in Gettysburg. We had a good meal and great conversation. Before we knew it, more than two hours had passed! And the only reason we realized that was that Randy announced he had to get up and move around because he was stiffening up from sitting so long! ;) (Yes, he's old. LOL!) So, we figured it was time to move along. Of course it took another good 20 minutes or so to actually say good-bye!

Meeting Bridget & John Hall It was fabulous getting to have some time with John & Bridget. It was just too short. But, as happens in this great life we live, we'll see them down the road.

Until the next time . . .

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