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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Spontaneous is Always More Fun

Why is that? It seems that those spontaneous experiences are always fun, no matter what they are. We had one of those today.

We played hookey from church this morning and met Jason, Lindsay & Reagan for breakfast. With only three days until we leave PA for the next five months, whatever time we can get together is good.

During breakfast we decided we needed to extend this family time and do something. However, the first couple of ideas were tanked when we found out the places were closed. After all, it is Sunday.

It was finally decided we'd head to Hershey. Lins found a package that included a Chocolate Tasting Adventure and a trolley ride through the town of Hershey. None of us had done either of those things, so we were all ready to go.

The first stop was the Chocolate Tasting Adventure at Hershey's University. This was pretty neat. Hershey's Chocolate Tasting Adventure We were given a brief history of chocolate and then the tasting began! We were given several different types of chocolate to taste - milk chocolate to very dark chocolate – along with a bottle of water to wash our palettes in between each tasting. :)

Waiting to go inWaiting to go in

Our ProfessorOur professor

Our “lesson”Our lesson

After the tasting adventure, we had about 20 minutes before it was time for our trolley tour, so we took advantage of the time to get some pictures.

Reagan - as pretty as the flowers 

Randy, Lins & Terry

Mommy & daughter

A happy couple - Jason & Lins

Then the trolley came! We're ready to go

Milton & Catherine Hershey’s homeMilton & Catherine Hershey's home


Milton’s boyhood homeMilton Hershey's boyhood home  

Largest chocolate factory in the world!Largest chocolate factory in the world

A place where even the street lights give kisses.Kiss lights!

We had such a great afternoon. I am so grateful for this last-minute fun.

Just three sleeps . . .

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  1. Wonderful adventure. Time spent with the family is always worth it. You made some special memories today.