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Friday, July 13, 2012

Lazy Midweek; Busy End of Week

Tuesday and Wednesday were filled with a whole lot of nothing. Tuesday actually felt like it was three days long by the time we went to bed! Wednesday we did get out a bit, but only because I told Randy I was going to go bonkers (aren't I already there??!?!?!) if we didn't do something.

However, yesterday and today made up for Tuesday and Wednesday!

Yesterday, I went out to breakfast with Reagan, Lindsay and friends of theirs, Wendi and her daughter, Dakota. We had a nice girls' morning out and then Reagan, Lindsay and I went shopping for a purse for me. After I found one, we went back to Lindsay's where I got started on the week's laundry.

While I was out at breakfast and shopping, Randy was with the truck at the shop getting its oil and filter changed. Dang, it's expensive! But, it's gotta be done. He was back at Lindsay's and washing the truck by the time we got home.

Today we found at not-so-pleasant surprise. Randy went out to clean the truck's windshield and found a huge, foot-long crack on the driver's side! UGH!!!! It was not there yesterday evening when we parked the truck, so sometime between then and 10:00 this morning someone drove past our site and kicked up a rock that cracked the windshield. Now we have to find someone to repair it. What a pain.

On the bright side, I had another outing with Reagan and Lindsay – this time to Dutch Apple Dinner Theater for a performance of Pinkalicious, a musical based on the children's book.

Think Pink!

It's crowded

This play was tailor-made for a little girl! Reagan has read the books so was looking forward to the play.  We had lunch and then sat back and enjoyed the performance.

The cast gathered afterward for the kids to get their autographs. Isn’t that cool?

Getting autographs DSCF0380 With Pinkalicious herself!

It was really a fun time. Can't you tell from our faces?

Nana and her girls

Not much on tap for this weekend, but I'm sure we'll find something to do.

Until the next time . . .

1 comment:

  1. I wanted to see a picture of the purse! haha!

    I love the first Pinkalicious book. Would love to take Daniela some time to see it.