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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Getting Back to Normal - Whatever THAT Is!

At the risk of incurring my daughter's wrath, can I just say, one more time, how nice it is to be back in my own bed? Jason & Lindsay were wonderful hosts and we loved being with them, but there's just nothing like relaxing in your own home and sleeping in your own bed. I can hear the "Amens" resounding throughout the full-time RV world now! :)

After a marathon drive from North Carolina to Alabama, we arrived at our humble abode about 7pm Monday evening. We had called ahead to Dick & Pat, our neighbors who were "babysitting" our rig while we were gone, to give them our ETA. They told us to expect dinner when we got there. How nice is that?!?!!! So, we pulled in, unloaded the truck. and went next door to a wonderful dinner. Thanks, Dick & Pat!! This is one of the things that makes this lifestyle such a blessing - friends like Dick & Pat.

We woke up yesterday about 6:30am, after falling asleep before 11pm! For those of you who know us well, you know that just doesn't happen often. Randy is a night owl and I tend to sleep for a few hours, wake up, sleep for an hour, wake up, sleep . . . well, you get the idea. So, I was a little befuddled when I woke up and saw what time it was and realized that I had slept ALL night long!

There wasn't much on the agenda yesterday, just a huge grocery run. We had tried to clean out the fridge and cupboards before we left in December, so we pretty much needed everything from meat to paper towels. Boy, did that cashier have her work cut out for her! The debit card almost melted from the total! :)

Not much else happened the rest of the day. It took half of it to put away all of the groceries!! :) Randy grilled burgers for dinner and then promptly fell asleep after we ate. Poor guy, I guess all that driving on Monday finally caught up with him.

Today, we will begin to have a bit more of a "normal" life; at least as much normal as we ever do! I have a dulcimer lesson today and Randy plans to putz around the RV. He needs to put out the awning, put up our lights and just get back that homey feeling. Tonight we're taking Dick & Pat out to dinner to thank them for taking such good care of the rig while we were gone.

We are looking forward to getting back in the swing of life here at Rainbow Plantation. Mardi Gras is just around the corner and that's always a fun time here at the park as well as the surrounding towns. You can count on lots of pictures coming soon.

I hope life is good for each of you. If it's a bit of struggle right now, take a minute and find one thing you can take comfort in and thank God for it. You'll feel better, I promise.

Until the next time . . .


  1. HI Randy and Terry

    Enjoyed reading your "Getting back to Normal" entry. You are absolutely right about getting back into your own bed. I consider sleeping in my own bed every night regardless of where you are one of the most wonderful things about full-timing.
    (found your blog on RV-Dreams Forum)

    We plan to be in Mobile in May for a rally then on to Florida for a while.

    Have a Great Day
    Alan & Joan Howeth

  2. Anonymous8:48 PM

    Randy and Terry, I enjoyed reading your blog. You posted on my site yesterday. I'm the one who had cancer. Anyway, are you at the Rainbow Plantation north of Foley? We were there about a week ago and it is a great rv place. We too love the Lord and love to corporately worship Him. Are you members of a nondenominational church? So are we, although I don't like the term members and church-we are the church and we gather or assemble with others-just my thoughts. Not judging, Hope to meet some time down the road. Sally and Gary