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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Pretty Quiet Week

Not much to report from southern Alabama, but since I know all of you just wait beside your computers for my words of wisdom and philosophical outlook on life, I felt I needed to post something for you! :)

It's been a very quiet week. Other than the Jubilee Pickers performance last Monday, we've not done a whole lot. I've had a couple of Mardi Gras activity meetings, but that's about it.

The weather has been pretty lousy. Yesterday I was beginning to wonder if someone had forgotten to turn off the water faucet down here!! It rained all day Thursday, stopped for most of Friday (and we did see a funny yellow thing in the sky for a little while), and then Friday evening the rain started again!! UGH! I know that rain is desperately needed everywhere and I should not be complaining, but . . . The upside of all this cruddy weather is that I'm making great progress on my cross-stitch project!

Today will be fairly busy for me. As I've mentioned before, Sunday is not a day of rest around here, at least not for me. Of course we've got church this morning and this afternoon I have a dulcimer practice. This evening we'll head over to the clubhouse for the weekly Ice Cream Social.

Things will be picking up this weekend, though. It's Mardi Gras!! Friday through Tuesday will be one activity after another, with parades thrown in there, too. I sure hope the weather cooperates and we have sunshine for the parades.

Well, that's about all I have to say . . . for now. Hope you enjoyed this scintillating look into our lives. I know you're sitting there so jealous of our wild ways. Can't say that I blame you. :)

Until the next time . . .

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