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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The End of Mardi Gras 2008

Last night we said good-bye to Mardi Gras 2008. It was the creme de la creme of our park's events! (How'd ya like that? Pretty good, huh!) The evening began with the entrance of our King and Queen as they strolled through the room, giving their subjects a chance to pay respects. Once they had settled into their thrones, a sumptuous dinner of salad, roast beef, potatoes & carrots, green beans, dessert and drink was served to approximately 200 people. Yes, 200!! That's the biggest crowd served at a meal in this park in years, maybe ever. We have a wonderful workamping team here at the Plantation. And we are grateful for them.

Once dinner was over, it was time for the program to begin. It was to be a night of music, costumes and laughter. As I was MC for the evening, you know there was lots of laughter!! Either at me or with me, I'm just not sure, but it was fun. Once again, The Chenilles kicked off the program with two songs. Unfortunately, I was unable to sing with them this time as I couldn't change fast enough to be both MC and Chenille. But, they pushed on without me and did a fine job of it.

We have a line dancing group that meets three times a week. They performed two dances for us and were very entertaining. They call themselves, Bob's Harem, as the leader is Bob, but all of the participants are women. As I introduced them as such, Bob didn't seem to mind too much - he was smiling all the way onto the stage! :)

To finish off the musical portion of the program, the Plantation Pickers came onto stage to play four songs. We were pretty good, even if I do say so myself! We ended our performance with a rousing rendition of "When the Saints Go Marching In" and the crowd sang along with us. What fun!!

It was almost time for the Mardi Gras Ball, but we had to "kill off" the King & Queen and introduce the theme for next year. Zorro made an appearance and forced the King & Queen into a giant TV screen! Thus, the King & Queen were gone and "TV Sitcoms" was introduced as next year's Mardi Gras theme.

Before the Mardi Gras Ball could begin, however, we had a costume contest for the best male and female costumes, most original and most outrageous, and the best super hero costume. We didn't have a lot of folks who dressed up, but those that did were good. Once the judging was over, the band "Northwind" took the stage for the remainder of the evening. Folks could sit and enjoy the music or dance, if they chose.

Wow. I was a tired puppy when we got home. While we had a great time over the last few days, it was a whirlwind of activities and I am ready for some down time. I hope you enjoyed our Mardi Gras fun.

Until the next time . . .

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