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Friday, February 22, 2008

Fairly Quiet Week

Another week is passing rather quietly. Sorry I don't have more exciting adventures to share with you, but this life we are leading is not a neverending vacation – it's just a different way of living life. So, we often have “down times” without sightseeing or moving or meeting new folks. February and March are such times for us.

We have settled into a routine. I play the dulcimer with three different groups during the week and we have dinner over at the clubhouse a couple of times a week. We also have a standing breakfast date with friends every Saturday morning. Randy ensures that the RV is in good shape and our tanks are emptied as necessary. Blackie keeps the couch warm.

Yeah, full-time Rving is one exciting moment after another! ;) Actually, it's a wonderful way to live, and we do see more of this country than most folks ever will, but we are very boring at times, too. I just wanted to share some thoughts today 'cause I haven't been posting much recently.

I should have some fun stories to share in March as Pat & I are going to Louisiana to a dulcimer festival. We're also going to the Mobile Historic Homes Tour again this year and then we have another dulcimer festival hosted by our group, Jubilee Pickers, at the end of March. So, life should be busier next month.

I hope your lives are going the way you want them to; if not, make changes now – don't wait until it's too late! Enjoy this life you have and be sure to live passionately!

Until the next time . . .

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