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Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Fun Saturday

Here, I just posted yesterday that life has been pretty boring and routine these past few weeks; and now, I get to post some pics for you to share in our fun Saturday morning!

We (Wendyl, Tiffany, Pat, Dick and us) started off, of course, with our regular Saturday morning breakfast. We'd been going to Magnolia Blossom Cafe for their buffet, but Pat said there was a Denny's in Gulf Shores, so we figured we'd go there. Well, there isn't a Denny's in Gulf Shores, after all. But, we did find a local place called Hazel's Nook and it was supposed to be pretty good. We got there and the parking lot was full and that's always a good sign for a local place! Glad to say the parking lot theory still works – we had a great breakfast, the buffet even came with a made-to-order omelet bar.

Once we were sufficiently fortified, we took Wendyl and Tiffany for a tour of Gulf Shores State Park. This is a really, really nice state park along one of the many canals found down here. It is huge and the sites are all full hook-up which is unusual for a state park. After that, it was on to the beach. Tiffany wanted to take some of that beautiful white sand back home, so we had to oblige her. Got some fun pictures of the beach, the Gulf and us! Boy, that surf was frothy. And there were some hardy folks in the water. Not me, though; my momma didn't raise no fool!

Once we had scooped up the sand, we headed back up the road to LuLu's and Homeport Marina. Lulu's is a local restaurant that is owned by Jimmy Buffet's sister – yes, THAT Jimmy Buffet. Dick, Pat, Randy & I ate there last year. But, the attraction this time was the marina. The Nina is docked there. This ship is a replica of the original Nina and is making its way around the world. It was even used in the film, “1492.” Being too cheap to pay the $5 entrance fee, Randy & I just took pictures from the landing. Dick & Pat had already toured it. Wendyl & Tiffany decided to take a tour. It was pretty cool. I sure wouldn't want to sail for 6 days, let alone 6 weeks in that ship, though! Give me my amenities!! Of course, there were several boats in the marina that would give me all the amenities I could ask for. Lots of money sitting in that water.

Once we had checked out Lulu's gift shop, it was time to continue to head up the road. Of course, we couldn't resist this shot!

Before we could head home, though, we had to make just one more stop – the Flea Market. As I told you in a previous post, I found many, many Nora Roberts books at this one vendor at the local Flea Market. After I got home last week, I rounded up a bunch of books I had and we took them today to see if I could trade them. The vendor gave me 2 for 1! I was so excited. I could get 10 books for free!! I found 8 books on the dollar shelf and one for $1.50 so I actually got 9 books from her. I was excited. Then, on the way out, I stopped at another vendor who had a bunch of Nora books and found two more I didn't have. I came home with 11 books for $3. Not a bad day of book shopping. My list is slowly whittling down. I am very happy. :)

So much for boring, I guess. That's what happens – you think you're in a routine and BAM! Something fun happens. Yeah, I know. All of you are just drooling with jealousy. What can I say? I am one blessed woman. And I'm grateful for it.

Hope you're having fun. Until the next time . . .

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  1. Bon Bon2:21 PM

    Hey Terry,
    Its interesting (doncha think) that the loadall crane is behind you in the photo you took after breakfast - is that what they used to get you out of the restaurant when you were done with eating?