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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Parades and New Friends

Yesterday was a day of friends and fun! We started the morning with breakfast at the clubhouse and, boy, was it good! The cook at the park this year is really great. After filling ourselves with eggs, potatoes (not me!), grits, sausage, biscuits and coffee, we headed back home to get ready for the rest of the day - parades!!

Friends of Pat & Dick's from Oklahoma are also wintering in the area, but at a
different park. One of the couples, Wendell and Tiffany, joined the four of us in our two parades and seafood dinner day. :)

Our first parade was at noon in Foley, the next town south of us. This is a nice, small town parade. We went to it last year, too. We met Darrell and Judy and a couple of their friends, Ray & Pat, down in Foley and watched the parade with them. Other than grabbing some beads, I did get a picture with the fire dog! :)

Foley's parade was over about 1pm and we had a few hours to kill before the next parade in Orange Beach was to begin at 6:30! So, the six of us headed to the local Tanger Outlet Mall so that Pat could look for a pair of pants. Once that was accomplished, it was time to head for an early dinner.

Dick had heard great things about a local seafood place, Doc's, down in Orange Beach. Dick loves gumbo and Doc's was supposed to have some of the best. So, off we went to Doc's. Two other Oklahoma couples, John & Liz and Dick & Rose, joined us for dinner. Lots of good food and laughter abounded during dinner. Doc's didn't disappoint us. Randy had steamed scallops and I had fried shrimp and we both had a cup of the gumbo. Needless to say, we waddled out of there!

John & Liz and Dick & Rose left us to go back to their park while the six of us continued to the next parade site. The parade was to begin at 6:30 and we arrived around 5pm, which really isn't too early. You know, you've got to claim your spot for the best view and people start showing up early. Luckily, we parked at one of the shopping centers and while the guys staked our claim, Tiffany, Pat & I went into Al's 5 & 10 (yes, it really was called that) 'cause Pat needed to buy some things for her
part in Monday's Mardi Gras parade at our park. Once again, mission was accomplished successfully. So, we joined the guys on the street to await the beginning of the parade.

We were concerned that the temperature would plummet once the sun went down. It had been a gorgeous, sunny day, but we weren't sure what it would be like later,
so we made sure we had blankets, coats and gloves. Poor Wendell & Tiffany hadn't realized it could get pretty chilly so they hadn't brought heavy jackets, but we took care of them as you can see from the picture!

Thankfully, it really didn't get too chilly and once the parade began we were too busy hollering and grabbing for beads to be cold! It is so much fun to be silly and not worry about what anyone
thinks! And it's even better to be silly with good folks like Dick & Pat and Wendell & Tiffany!

All too soon the parade was over and it was time to fight the battle of getting out of the parking lot! We said good-bye to Wendell & Tiffany (they had driven their own vehicle) and started jockeying for position. It really wasn't too bad. We were on our way fairly quickly and home before we knew it. What a great day we had.

Today is Super Bowl Sunday and, usually, that doesn't register very highly on our TV meter. I like to watch, but Randy's not too into it. But, we were invited to join the Oklahoma group at their park, along with Dick & Pat, to watch the game and we are going to do so. If nothing else, we'll have a great time with good folks.

We hope you are enjoying the day wherever you are and whomever you're with. Take a minute to be grateful of the place God has put you. Until the next time . . .

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