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Monday, February 04, 2008

Plantation Parade Day

Good grief, today was a BUSY day! First, I had to get the laundry done - I'd run out of socks, so it was time!! Our laundry room here at the park is a busy place; not only are there 98 campsites in the park, but many of us are "squatters." That means we are renting sites from the deeded lot owners in the park. Then, there are also several owners who use the laundry as well. So, that means it is rare to find the laundry room empty. I decided I was gonna be smart and get there early, so I set the clock for 5:30am and figured I'd be first. WRONG!! I even woke up early, at 5am, but as I stepped out of the RV to walk over, someone else pulled into the parking lot and proceeded to go to the laundry. Dadgum - I get bumped even at 5:00 in the morning! But, I got started at 5:30 and was done by 7:30. Another week of clean clothes! I'm sure those around us will be grateful. :)

The big event of the day, though, was the park parade and lunch. Once again, there would be "entertainment" after our meal. The parade began at 11am and was led off by our color guard proudly bearing the American flag and the Alabama state flag. Of course, our King & Queen had a float and then several of the folks in the park
decorated their golf carts, scooters and the Red Hat Society had a boat! Beads, moon pies, and candy were thrown to those standing on the sidelines watching the parade go by.

We had a huge crowd come into the clubhouse for lunch. Our cook, Larry, has gotten a great reputation for providing us with good meals. There had to have been 150 people in the clubhouse. We had hamburgers, hot dogs, beans, chips, mac & cheese and drinks. Plus we had a great time with the folks at our table. Wendell & Tiffany (who had gone to parades with us last Saturday) also joined us for today's activities.

All too soon, lunch was finished and it was time for the entertainment. I found myself totally involved once again. AND I AM LOVING IT!! The Chenilles sung, we had a skit that parodied Hooters, and the Plantation Pickers, our park's dulcimer group played. Everyone was generous with their applause. What fun we're having.

This evening Randy and I joined a small group Bible study held at the church we've been attending. The majority of the people in the study are from the park which is really nice. It was great being part of a small group again. We were really spoiled for many years back in Maryland when we had a wonderful small group through Grace. That's one thing that is hard to replicate here on the road. But, we're going to enjoy this while we're here.

Well, that's it for today. We have one more day of Mardi Gras activities tomorrow. We'll have dinner and then "kill off" the King & Queen during the evening, with it ending in a costume ball. I'm sure it will be another evening of goofiness and laughter. Wish you were here!!

Until the next time . . .

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