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Friday, June 12, 2009

Lazy Day in Missouri

This was a lovely, laid-back day. I woke up to bright sunshine and thought I'd slept very late - I hadn't, it was only 7am. With no plans for the day until later this afternoon, it was nice to just get up and have coffee and spend a leisurely morning on the computer. Very relaxing.

I spent the morning uploading all the pictures I had taken while in Branson. Then I posted a blog entry to share some of the pictures with you as well as links to the remainder of them. I hope you take a look!

This afternoon Randy & I went to the original location of Lambert's Cafe (I kept calling it Lambert's Restaurant - oops!). As I had mentioned yesterday, there are three locations and we have eaten at the other two, so obviously we couldn't stay here and not eat at the original! :) We decided to do a late lunch/very early dinner and went about 2pm. Boy, were we surprised! There were people everywhere! I never would have thought the restaurant would be that busy on a Friday afternoon. Why aren't these people working??? ;)

We didn't have to wait as long as first thought - 45 minutes. I bet we only waited 15, tops. As we were being seated, we found that this location is HUGE. Probably twice as large as the other two. And we were disappointed in the food. It was as good as always. Randy got his usual meat loaf with mashed potatoes AND two sides. I tried something new - fried shrimp. There were probably 10 large shrimp (isn't that an oxymoron:
large shrimp?) and two sides. Yummy!

Waddling out of the restaurant, we took a drive through downtown Sikeston. :) Actually, we were looking for the post office as I had a card to mail. We did find some large, gorgeous old homes on the side streets. Very unexpected from what we saw along the main drag. After fueling up the truck ($2.33/gallon) for the drive tomorrow, we came on back to the rig.

Now, Randy is napping and I'm writing this. We'll take our time getting on the road tomorrow as we plan to just do an asphalt overnight. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Pretty flowers in the park
Until the next time . . .

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