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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

NOAH, the Musical

For years now, we've had folks tell us we need to go to a show at Sight & Sound Theater. There's one in Lancaster/Strasburg, PA and another here in Branson. Now, we spend most of each summer in York, PA which is less than an hour from Lancaster, but we've never gone to a show. We come to Branson and the show we decided to see is at Sight & Sound. Don't ask me why, we just did.

So, when I saw the ad for NOAH, the Musical here, I just wanted to see it. So, that was the major plan for today.

The day started with a trip to Curves for me. Randy dropped me off and went to fuel up while I exercised. Man, the prices of fuel are going up daily. When we got to Branson West, the cheapest diesel was $2.15 a gallon; it went up to $2.29 a few days later and yesterday it was $2.35 - and it's still the cheapest in town! But, at least it's less than gas which is what Randy says it should have been all along.

After Randy picked me up from Curves, we stopped at an RV parts and supplies store to pick up a couple of things. Why is it anything for an RV is more expensive than it would be for anything else? Anyway, he picked up three small items and the bill was $73.00! Ugh. Oh, well. This is still a great life! :)

Dick, Pat, Randy & I left about 2:30 this afternoon for our show. Wow! Everything anyone has said about shows at Sight & Sound is absolutely right on. The talent is amazing - from the actors to the props, it's fantastic. The ark was built right on the stage!! And then, we were part of it, with the animals along the sides of the theater! Now, all the animals weren't real, but many of them were. They were walked on stage by the actors, some of which came right through the audience. It was a great show. Worth every penny.

The coolest thing was the end where "Jesus" came on stage to share God's desire that all people come to Him. He completely wrapped up the story of Noah and the ark by sharing how it was an analogy of heaven and the home God is preparing for each of us, if we just accept it. Very touching.

I encourage you to see a Sight & Sound show. It is well worth the time and cost of the ticket. "In the Beginning" is showing this summer in Lancaster. I'm going!

Tomorrow is our last day here in Branson West. The four of us are going back to Billy Gail's for breakfast. Then Dick, Pat & I have appointments to get our hair cut. That'll probably be it for the day. We'll probably use the afternoon to get the rig ready for travel.

Until the next time . . .

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