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Saturday, June 20, 2009

We Are Home!

After a couple long days of travel, we are home; safely ensconced at my parents' house in Ocean City, MD. Man, it feels good to be here. Now, let me catch you up on the last few days.

After a great visit with Ray & Judy, we left Kentucky on Thursday morning just as the rain started. Thankfully, Randy doesn't mind driving in the rain - I hate it. So, while he drove, I cross stitched. The rains stopped a few hours into the drive. We did manage to make a meal stop at a Cracker Barrel in West Virgina. :) It was our 73rd.

Back in the truck, we continued to drive until we hit Covington, Virginia. At that point, Randy had hit his limit and was ready to stop for the day. We had made it about halfway through our journey. We stopped about 7:30pm and had been in the truck for about 9 hours. Whew! That is a looonngg day for us. :) We spent Thursday night in the WalMart parking lot. And yes, we asked permission to do so.

Up and about early, we hit the road about 7:45am. The sun was shining and Randy said he felt pretty good and we were going to push to get to my folks on the Eastern Shore of MD that day. Again, a long drive for us. It would be another 9 hour day. It was an easy drive, though. The only tough part was the West Virginia Turnpike (I-64). It was one rough road. Ugh. You'd think since you have to pay to drive on it, they'd maintain it better.

We knew we were close when we got to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. There was a bit of a back up, but the traffic was moving and we got through with no difficulty.

Once past that, it was just a matter of time. It took us two more hours to get to my folks'. We arrived at 5pm.

It was so good to get here. My folks look great and it was wonderful to be get lots of hugs. It was also great to get a nice warm shower after two days in the truck!! :)

Now we are just relaxing and getting caught up. We'll be here until Friday morning when we'll head up to PA and get settled for the summer. AND we'll get a Reagan fix. :)

Until the next time . . .


  1. Lindsay9:31 PM

    Oh.... and Lindsay & Jason, too (the afterthoughts)! Haha!

  2. now that you all are back on the east coast, we should try and catch up! Delaware is not that far away!