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Monday, July 05, 2010

Covered Bridges, Chocolate & Pretzels

With my mom visiting for a few days, we wanted to do something different. Mommy wanted to see a bit of the Amish country so we took a drive through Lititz and Lancaster.

The first part of our drive took us through a few covered bridges. I'm not sure what it is about covered bridges, but everyone I know thinks they are cool. Even Reagan at not quite five years old was excited about seeing them. You can follow our drive at I won't go into a lot of detail about the bridges as you can read about them if you're so inclined.

The first bridge we came to was Hunsecker's Mill Covered Bridge, built in 1848. It allowed us to cross the Conestoga River. Hunsecker's Mill Bridge, 1848

Overlooking the river was this beautiful home.Beautiful home on Conestoga River

From there we continued our drive to Pinetown Covered Bridge, build in 1867. Pinetown Covered Bridge, 1867

And then on to Zook's Mill Covered Bridge which was built in 1849. Zook's Mill Covered Bridge, 1849

Hurricane Agnes watermark on Zook's Mill

Our last covered bridge was Erb's Mill and it was also built in 1849. Erb's Mill Covered Bridge, 1849

I know you all are thinking I took pictures of the same bridge, but from different angles, but I promise – these were all different bridges!! Many of these bridges have been rebuilt due to damage from Hurricane Agnes. Only Zook's Mill had a watermark sign indicating how high the water came up in it.

All this bridge crossing made us hungry, so we were off to the town of Lititz to find somewhere to eat. We decided on a little deli called Spill the Beans. Lins, Reagan, Great Gma & Randy

We each enjoyed our meals and then it was back in the van to find the Wilbur Chocolate Factory.Wilbur Chocolate Factory

At the chocolate factory there was no actual tour, but there was a display of items used in chocolate making years ago. Inside the Chocolate Museum P1120088

We also got to see ladies making chocolate goodies. It's amazing what can be made out of chocolate!

Ladies hard at work Chocolate carousel The Frog Prince in chocolate

Our last tour in Litiz was the Julius Sturgis Pretzel Factory. Again, you can read all about its history by clicking here.

Julius Sturgis Pretzel Lins & Reagan

During the tour, you are taught how to make a soft pretzel. Reagan was having a blast! P1120104 P1120105 P1120108

Randy’s pretzelRandy's pretzel

My mom working on hersGreat Gma making a pretzel

We did learn the meaning of how the pretzel is formed. The crossed pieces symbolize the position of the children’s arms as they prayed. The three open spaces symbolize God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Isn’t that cool?

You're then given an overview of how pretzels were originally made in these brick ovens. Pretzel ovens

The heat in those ovens got up to 550*!! And it was pretty hot in there today – I couldn't imagine what it was like with the ovens blazing!

The town of Litiz is very quaint and filled with lots of shops. P1120123P1120120 The town of Lititz

I know a lot of you gals would love walking up and down its streets, peeking in those shops. :)

From Litiz, we drove to Lancaster, admiring the beautiful farmland. We didn't see many Amish folks out and about, but it was great day of family fun anyway. I gotta admit, it was pretty cool spending time with my mom, my daughter and my granddaughter. Of course, having Randy around is always a good thing! :)

Until the next time . . .

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  1. Sounds like you all showed your mom a wonderful day!!

    Take care!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)