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Saturday, July 17, 2010

We’re Still in Kansas, Toto

Sorry for the lack of posting; I just know you all have been biting your fingernails wondering what we've been up to! :) The answer is: not much and that's why I've not posted.

We are still visiting Kevin & Sara at Ft. Riley. Kevin's doing much better, but still not 100%. He's got some testing coming up and we are going to be here through some of that.

We've been enjoying spending time with them and doing the things we'd be doing at home. With the exception of watching TV – they don't have TV. And I have been missing it, I'll tell you that! It's funny, I never thought I would but I've gotten very used to my DVR and all the shows we watch. Pitiful, huh?

Anyway, we appreciate all the emails, comments, etc., that you've sent regarding Kevin & Sara. They are doing okay and are determined to get past this bump in the road.

The only disappointment we have is that we will not be attending The Maine Event at the end of this month. We were so looking forward to seeing Darrell & Judy, Mike & Peggy, Mark & Dortha and Glenn & Sylvia. It was going to a little vacation from the norm. But, God had other plans for us and that's how life goes sometimes. We are where we need to be and I know our friends understand that. We will see them somewhere “down the road” and catch up then.

I probably won't be posting as often because there's not much to share. Just keep praying! :) But, I did want to show how what I came downstairs to yesterday afternoon. I had gone up to get a shower and read my devotion and when I came down? This is what I saw:


Your tax dollars at work :)P1120142

And they stayed that way for the next couple of hours!! Well, at least it was a quiet afternoon. :)

Until the next time . . .

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