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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Becoming a Card Shark

Gosh, we woke up to very different weather today! Yesterday we had the A/C on and this morning we had to turn on the heat!! What's up with that? It's been rainy and chilly all day.

In spite of the ugly weather I got myself out the door and went to Curves. I was a little disappointed as their Zumba class is very different that what I was used to in Alabama. But, that's okay, it also costs more so I'll just go back to my regular Curves workout. No problem.

This evening Randy and I went to Jason & Lindsay's for dinner. I invited ourselves over because Lins and I were going to her friend, Dori's, for a card party.

Now before you get to thinking I've turned into a gambler, it's not that kind of card party. Dori is a Stampin' Up consultant and she hosts a card-making party once a month in her home. For just $15 you get to make 15 cards, 3 designs of 5 cards each. Dori is a fabulous hostess and a warm person and I am thrilled at the friendship she and Lins have grown. She's even got her own website – check it out here.

Anyway, I am not a crafty person at all, so making these cards is always a challenge. But, Lindsay is good to me and takes pity on me – she helps me get through the tougher parts of the creative process. And Dori makes it so easy! She has all of the pieces cut out for you, for the most part, and has a sample in front of you to follow. She even gives us snacks! :)

I love the card designs.

P1130258 P1130260 P1130257

But the best part of the night is spending time with Lindsay. I am grateful that she includes me in her activities. It is a gift that my daughter has become my friend, too. She is a lovely young woman and I am so proud to be her mom.

Randy had a nice quiet evening at home, which I'm sure he enjoyed. :)

Tomorrow is laundry day. I get to go to Lindsay's for that. Gosh, is there a theme here? :)

Until the next time . . .

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  1. That's not a bad price for the Card Party... Great idea too... I love making cards and almost everything has to be crafty in our rig and made by us... The ones you made are beautiful and just perfect for Christmas gifts... Light and small and so cheaper on the postage. Hope to hear you plan on making more.