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Monday, May 30, 2011

Remembering and Celebrating

Like many other blogs will do today, I want to take a moment to remember what this “holiday” is all about. It's not about the picnics or the sales events at the mall. It's about taking the time to honor those military personnel and their families who have made the ultimate sacrifice in keeping our country free. Their sacrifices allow us the freedom to go about our lives doing the things we like to do. And for our family, that does not go unnoticed.

THANK YOU to all who have gone before and fought the fight, sometimes to the point of not coming home. THANK YOU to those who are still fighting to preserve our freedoms. We appreciate your willingness to give up many creature comforts and time with your families. To the families of soldiers, thank you, too, for sacrificing time with your soldiers. You are heroes, too.

A big shout-out to our soldier, Kevin and his wife, Sam. Thanks, bud, for your service. We love you.

Tomorrow is Randy's birthday, the big one – 62! Why is that the big one you may ask? Well, any full-timer knows the answer to that! It's the age at which one can get the America the Beautiful Senior Park Pass for just $10! You can bet we'll be doing that within the next week or so.

But, today we celebrated with Jason, Lindsay & Reagan by going out to lunch for Mexican food. We had a very tasty lunch and Randy was serenaded and given a bowl of ice cream in honor of his special day.

Celebrating Randy's bday

After lunch we went to Bass Pro Shop to walk off lunch and browse. Love looking at all the animals as well as the aquarium. Reagan even got in some shooting practice!

Practicing her aim at Bass Pro

On our way home we got caught in three mile traffic back-up. Took us two hours to get to our exit. Whew. And people are crazy when that happens. Too many cars were driving up the shoulder of the highway because they were too important to wait in the traffic like the rest of us. I really don't understand how people think sometimes. Ugh.

We finally got back to Jason & Lindsay's. We said our thank yous and good-byes and came on home. As usual, it was a great day with the kids.

Tomorrow it's back to Curves and a doctor's visit for me. More on that later.

Until the next time . . .

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