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Monday, May 02, 2011

There’s No Place Like Home . . .

Yes, I know – as full-time RVers, our home is where we park it. We always have our home with us. Our dwelling. BUT. Home for me is really wherever my family is. I am at home in Kansas when we're are with our son or when we're in Pennsylvania where one of our daughters lives. And Pennsylvania is right next door to Maryland where the rest of my family lives – our eldest daughter, my sister and her family, and my folks.

So, I am home. And it feels good.

We left Dumfries, VA yesterday morning about 9am, thinking we had a 3.5 hour trip ahead of us. As we neared the Washington Beltway, I mentioned to Randy how the GPS was taking us to PA. He said that was out of our way so I revamped the itinerary to how Randy wanted to go and that shaved an hour and 40 miles off the trip!! I really don't understand how a GPS works sometimes.

That change in itinerary allowed us to arrive at the campground at 11:30. How nice.

And what a welcome we received!! I cannot tell you how cared for we felt. When I walked into the office to check in, everyone stopped what they were doing to say hello and hug me. How great is that! And when Randy came in, it started again. The owners of the campground, Greg & LeAnn, have always made us feel like family. That's one reason we come back year after year – this is our fifth summer here at Cedar Lake.

We got ourselves set up and settled for the rest of the day. We had no plans to see the kids as they had a function with Jason's family. But, about 6:30, Lins texted me to say they were on their way home and did we want to meet them there. Well, yeah! So, we did.

It was great to see Jason, Lins & Reagan!!! That Reagan has grown so dang much, I can't stand it. We had about an hour or so with her until it was bedtime. But, we helped put her to bed with promises to see her the next day. We then spent a couple of hours catching up with Jason & Lins. Wonderful.

This morning we went to the bank to get our monthly influx of cash and then over to Lindsay's so we could go with her to pick Reagan up from school. The four of us went to lunch at Olive Garden, did some shopping at Ollie's and then we brought Reagan home with us for a bit this afternoon.

Have I said it's good to be home? :)

Tomorrow is grocery day. Ugh. My least favorite day of the month. But, it's gotta be done.

Until the next time . . .


  1. Welcome "home" guys! I KNOW you will have a blast with that wonderful family. Glad your trip was safe and uneventful. Enjoy!!

  2. Welcome Home! Time to relax, visit, then relax some more!