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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Just One More Day

Not only is there just one more day in April; there's just one more day until we are home! This morning we will head north, spending tonight on the road somewhere, most likely a WalMart.

We've had a good visit with Dan & Deb. They have been gracious hosts as always. The days were spent in our usual way – watching TV, cross stitching, and enjoying each other. Dan & Deb had things they needed to do, so Randy & I just hung out at the house.

Yesterday afternoon the four of us, with Tiffinie, Dan & Deb's daughter-in-law, and Skylar & Sylas, their grandkids, went to a local fair. There were food vendors, craftspeople, and rides. You know, your typical small town event. The weather was fabulous as often happens after a storm goes through. We wandered about. The kids went on a few rides. After a couple of hours, we were ready to come home.

I did take pictures, but don't have my cable to upload them. OOPS.

We came home to a very yummy dinner of spaghetti & meatballs. The sauce had been cooking all day in the crockpot and was absolutely delicious.

Yes, we've had a good visit, but it's time to get home.

Talk to you next time from Pennsylvania!


  1. Oooops is right lol... That little cord in our rig has it's own nickname. Evielynne's Best Friend. So when I am looking for it all I say is "Where is my best friend"... I am happy April is done with - We have 16 days left till we head to our summer work but we don't start till the 24th... HITCH ITCH!!


  2. We enjoyed having you and Randy visit us. It's always good to catch up with good friends. I know you are loving life, now that you're up in York!!