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Monday, April 18, 2011

And So It Begins . . .

Each winter we hit the “last times.” You know – this is the last time we'll go to Pickers, or the last time I'll go to Bible study; or the last time we . . . (fill in the blank). And it is that time again.

Randy started his day very early, for him. He was out the door at 7am, taking the truck to the shop for its oil change and check up. He found that some brake pads needed replacing so that was done as well. Now the truck is ready for our travels east and north.

After Randy got home, we soon headed back out the door to go to Lambert's with Dick & Pat. We didn't go last year and Pat wanted to go this year before we left, so today was the day. The food is very good and waaaaaaaayyyy too much, really, for one meal. Although Randy never has a problem finishing his meal while the rest of us take home some of ours. :)

After making a stop at WalMart, we got home long enough for me to have about an hour or so before I had to head back out the door again to go to Bible study.

The women of the Bible study were so kind with their good-byes. This is a great group of people and I thoroughly enjoy studying God's Word with them. I will miss it. But, hopefully, will jump right in when we get back next winter. I will get a chance to say good-bye to some of them one more time at church on Sunday.

After Bible study, Robbin and I went out to dinner. Robbin is one of the women in the Bible study group and our friendship is growing into a precious relationship. We are going to make every effort to keep in touch over the summer and fall.

Tomorrow I am going with Dick & Pat to the hospital to wait with Pat while Dick has outpatient gallbladder surgery. It's going to be a long day as we're leaving before 6:30am. Hopefully, Dick will be able to have the surgery laproscopically so he can come tomorrow. We'll see what happens.

Our weather continues to be beautiful. I continue to pray for those around the country where the storms have left such devastation in their wake. I can't imagine.

Until the next time . . .


  1. We're looking forward to seeing you guys again.

  2. Our time is coming up soon to start saying our goodbyes for the summer - we'll come back to Rufus this winter but won't for the following. I love blogs for the very reason you are talking about in yours today - to keep in touch! I am a loyal blog follower... I am looking forward to hearing about your adventure as you head north.... much fun is in store for you.
    We pray for the entire nation and world too!