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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Sioux Falls, SD

or those of you who don't know, full-time RVers have the privilege of choosing the state which they want to claim as their “domicile.” The three states most chosen are Florida, South Dakota and Texas. Randy & I chose South Dakota; it has no state income tax and was fairly inexpensive to tag and insure our vehicles.

The only drawback to being South Dakota residents is that every five years we have to appear in person to renew our drivers' licenses. And this is that year. Knowing that we had to do that this year, we researched changing our domicile to Florida. That would be much more convenient since we spend most winters in Alabama. But, it was just too cost prohibitive – both insurance and registration of vehicles was very expensive compared to what we pay in South Dakota.

So, here we are in the Sioux Falls Super 8 Motel. We flew in this afternoon; will walk over to the licensing bureau tomorrow and renew our drivers' licenses; and will fly out early Thursday morning. Done for another five years!

Now, you may be wondering why the heck we flew to South Dakota when we could have traveled in our home. Two words – fuel prices!! Back in early February when we were confirming our plans to come to SD, we had decided to just drive up without the RV. It would be much cheaper, fuel-wise to do that. Then, I got to thinking. Yes, that is a very scary sentence I just wrote. However, it turned out okay this time. :)

I figured out the round trip mileage from Summerdale, AL to Sioux Falls, SD at about 2400 miles. Then I computed the approximate MPG we would get. I multiplied the MPG by $4 'cause I figured that would be the average diesel price by April. The total cost for fuel would have been about $750!!! Add to that, motel costs for about five or six nights and we were adding up the $$$.

That's when it hit me – check how much it would cost to fly to Sioux Falls! I am kinda shocked that I thought of it 'cause we never fly anywhere. Well, I found that flying would cost us just a little more than driving. It was a no-brainer. It really was going to cost us less when you figure that we wouldn't have as many nights in motels.

So, here we are. But, I gotta tell you. I miss my RV!! Randy & I feel so spoiled that we get to sleep in our own bed, sit in our own comfortable recliners; and eat our own food no matter where we go. And flying? Not high on my hit parade. It's boring, really. And the seats are not comfortable.

However, flying is convenient and fast. And that's what we needed at this time. It was nice to have the option. :)

Until the next time . . .


  1. eeek sorry about the whole flying thing. My husband is a pilot but I won't fly unless it's to jump out (which is funny I have no fear in jumping). We have 3 yrs before we have to head to SD for our renewals on our drivers lic... When we do, we plan on doing the summer there to work and check out our state (the most we spent in SD was 2 days in the middle of a blizzard). Hope you get back to the norm quick!!

  2. I never would have even thought of that, but it makes sense to me. Way to go...

  3. I'm thinking I may do the same thing this summer. Since I'll be in Indiana, I just may drive the toad. There is the dog, though to think about.