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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Traveling Play-by-Play

Okay, here you go; day by day:


We left Rainbow Plantation a little before 1pm which was about 2 hours later than expected. One of the inner back tires on the truck was losing air, so Randy went to a Goodyear shop first thing to have it checked. He got here before 7:30, the shop was open, but no “tire guy.” WHAT?? Uh, isn't this a GOODYEAR shop?? Oh, well. The tire guy showed up about 8:30.

We were going to breakfast with Dick & Pat that morning as a good-bye meal, so the three of us picked Randy up at the shop and we all went to breakfast. When we dropped Randy back off at the stop, the tire was fixed (for only $21.77!!). Dick, Pat & I went on back home, while Randy stopped to fuel up.

Once Randy was home, we started breaking camp. Finally, we were ready to roll. Thankfully, we were planning to “Wally-dock” in LaGrange, GA, so no need to to be concerned about getting to a reservation. However, we did have plans to have dinner with our good friends, Mike & Gerri. I hated to be late for that! But they were very flexible with their schedule and we arrived about 7pm.

We had a fabulous visit with Mike & Gerri, albeit too short. Isn't that always the way with good friends? But, it was still great to see them.


After a fairly decent night's sleep, we got ourselves on the road about 7:30 or so after Randy fueled up the truck. The plan was to travel about six or seven hours and spend the night somewhere near Florence, SC.

Well, somewhere just south of Florence, Randy got hit with an energized laser beam or something and announced that he wanted to keep going – all the way to Dan & Debbie's in Winterville, NC!! That was going to be another four hours of driving, after already being on the road for seven hours! I thought he had lost his mind. But, after a quick call to Dan to see if that would work for them, we found out their grandkids were spending the night and we didn't want to add to the chaos. Especially since we wouldn't arrive until 8:30 or 9pm.

So, we continued to do down the road, eventually stopping at a Flying J in Kenly, NC; just an hour away from Dan & Deb's.


Another fairly good night's sleep and we were up, ready to go by 7am. Hmmmm . . . how do we waste some time so we don't show up on Dan & Debbie's doorstep before they're awake???? :) We figured we would find somewhere to have breakfast along the way.

Now, you have to remember. At this point we are traveling off the interstate through small towns. Not a lot to choose from for breakfast. :) We stopped at McDonald's and that was fine. Actually, I like their sausage and egg biscuits, and Randy likes their egg mcmuffins, so we were happy.

Once we were done with breakfast, around 8:30!, I called Dan to see if we could arrive a little earlier than expected. Like, THREE hours earlier!! :) Of course, he said that was fine – not sure what else he could say, being the nice guy that he is. :)

We arrived about 9am, gathered some clothing and personal items from the rig and set up in their spare bedroom. Randy plugged the rig into the outside outlet and we were set.

Once Deb got home from work, we had a delicious meal of combined leftovers and got caught up with each other. We watched American Idol (Randy was watching something else in the bedroom) and then it was time for bed.

It's good to be settled for a few days. I was SOOOOOOO ready to be out of that truck. :) And it will be nice spending this time with Dan & Deb.

Now you are all caught up. Wasn't that exciting!?!?!?!!! :)

Not much planned for today. Both Dan & Deb have some things they need to do, so Randy & I will do what we normally do – watch TV and cross stitch. :) There is a chance for some severe weather, so I'm kinda glad we're in a stix & brix today.

That's it. Until the next time . . .


  1. You have to be the sweetest people alive with the amount of time you have with friends - I love that... So glad you guys have nothing but good things to report. Keep safe and keep smiling it's contagious and we like that!!


  2. You sure had some busy traveling days. Glad you arrived all safe and sound.