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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Not Much to Share

I haven't posted because I have nothing significant to share with you! Randy seems to be trying to get my cold so yesterday was a very lazy day.

Today I did get myself to Curves this morning for a Zumba session. Boy, was I wiped out by the time I got home. Between it being two weeks since I've been AND the cold, the exercise whipped me.

When I got home, I did clean the bathroom and then grabbed a shower. That was it for me.

Randy was much more industrious, in spite of the cold coming on. He got on the roof of the RV to clean it and then he washed both ends of the RV as well. With less than two weeks before we hit the road, he's feeling the push to get the RV cleaned up.

Tonight will be quiet as well. Just wanting this cold to move on! :)

Until the next time . . .


  1. eeek I thought you'd be all well by now. Allergies have us in a box full of fun. i'm ready to chop my right ear off... We have done major spring cleaning in the rig and I am loving it... I hope you two get back to being well - colds are the worse.


  2. Hope you both start feeling better soon. Where will you be traveling to?

  3. We were sick last week and it is no fun! Especially when it just keeps hanging on. I love that we can keep up through the blogs Terry! Next time you pass through Delaware we should try to meet up!