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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Good Weekend

Friday was a dreary day, weather-wise. I did get out to Curves, but then we just spent the day inside doing the normal stuff which you can probably recite by now! :) Yep, TV and cross stitching.

Saturday was still dreary, but we were getting together with family, so I was excited. We started the day with breakfast at The White Horse Diner, one of our favorite local joints. Penny joined us.

That afternoon we drove with Jason, Lins & Reagan down to Columbia for our grandniece, Ryleigh's, first birthday party. Aren't those the best! I love the first birthday parties. This was my sister, Paula's, youngest's daughter, Megan's birthday. (Did you follow that??)

This was the first time we've seen the rest of the family since we got back to PA. It was sooooo good to see my folks as well as Paula and her husband, Lou. And all of her kids were there; including Joe, our nephew who lives in Los Angeles. That was a huge surprise. It was great to see him. He said he couldn't miss his niece's birthday party. I know Megan was thrilled to have him there.

Here are some pictures from our day.

The birthday girlThe birthday girl

My folks with Lindsay & ReaganGma, Lins, Reagan & DadDad

Ryleigh with her mommy, MeganRyleigh & her mommy


My favorite picture of the day – four generations of McNeil girls!Four Generations

Today the real rain finally came. Randy and I attended a breakfast the campground hosted and then we've been catching up on some shows we had DVR'd. I even got a nap in. :) And yes, there was cross stitching involved as well.

Hope you had a good weekend, too!

Until the next time . . .


  1. Awww that Birthday face with the Birthday cake is a classic - thank you for giving us a huge smile today. Glad your visit went more then well. We where hit with rain yesterday on and off - we leave for Idaho tomorrow... hitch itch is going to be itched now - yippee lol... The pictures all rock today!!


  2. Love the picture with the chocolate all over her face. You have a beautiful family. a lot to be proud of.