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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Celebrating Another Milestone

The first couple of days this week have been all about Reagan. She started Kindergarten! Monday was an orientation during which Lindsay accompanied her, so it wasn't a real first day of school. :)

Hard at work in KgartenBut, we celebrated anyway with a trip to one of the fantastic parks we have in this area.

Some time at the park P1130693 P1130698 Even Nana got into the funThis particular park is fairly new; I believe it's just a year old or so. It was specially designed for kids with special needs. It's open to all kids, but the accessibility is perfect for kids who need a little help. What a great thing!

There's also a beautiful stage area next to a pond. Reagan was completely at home up there on the stage. No surprise there, huh? :)

Her very own stage

P1130704Yesterday was the big deal – Reagan got on the bus and went to school. All. By. Herself. But, it wouldn't be a “Reagan event” without a little fanfare, now would it? Randy and I got to the house so we could be part of this momentous occasion. The requisite first-day-of-school pictures were taken in front of the house and then it was on to the bus stop. Complete with video by Daddy.

Hamilton Family - First day of school 2011 With Pop and Nana Walking to the bus stop

Reagan was so dang excited about riding the bus.

There it is!

Her mom? Not so much. But, Lins did great – no tears at all. At least not then. I think a few might have been shed later when she got together with a friend for coffee. And that's okay. Even exciting milestones can be a bit traumatic for mommies.

Watching your kids, or grandkids, meet new challenges or milestones in their lives is such a neat thing. The pride in their eyes as they master new things brings joy to this grandmother's heart. And this week has been no different.

Randy and I are proud of our kids and grandkids. Each of them hold a very special place in our hearts. And we feel privileged to be in their lives.

Until the next time . . .


  1. And they are very lucky and blessed to have you and Randy in their lives. What a wonderful family!!
    All milestones should be celebrated!! Glad you were there to participate in this one with Reagan!!
    I teared up just reading the post!!! :-)

  2. I remember well those first school days for the kiddos (both grands and WAAY back when my own started school!) They sure grow up fast but every step brings new confidence for the kiddo and new pride for the grown-ups. Love the photos.

  3. I seem to recall doing cartwheels in the yard when my last child had this milestone close to 30 years ago. :) Don't think I'm capable of doing that next Thursday when my oldest grandchild heads off on the bus for his first day of kindergarten...