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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Our Next Adventure

Remember that post I wrote a couple of weeks ago about how nice it is that life is slow and unexciting? Well, that sure didn't last long! :)

We just spent a week watching our granddaughter, Reagan, while her parents celebrated their tenth anniversary with a trip to California. It was a great week, but sure did remind me of why we need to have our kids in our 20s, not our 50s!! :)

Now, we are readying ourselves to leave tomorrow on a long, two-day drive to Ft. Riley, KS. Our third grandchild is due to make her arrival in a week or so! We had planned to wait until she was born to go out, but Kevin asked us to come early. His unit is going out in the field for some training and he is concerned about Samantha being alone this close to her due date. Well, how could we say no to that? So, off we go again.

We are not towing the rig this time because we can travel much quicker without it. It's a 1200 mile trip, so with the RV, it would take us three to four days of traveling back-to-back which is NOT the way we like to travel. We will be going back out in October for an extended stay.

As those of you who full-time know, it's tough to pack for a trip without the RV. We normally travel with our “house,” so there's no need to pack! But, this time we have to think about all those little things that need to go along for a two week trip. Ugh. And the truck's back seat will be filled to the brim which makes us look a bit like the Beverly Hillbillies when they first arrived in Beverly Hills! :)

That's okay. All of that is worth being able to be there when the little one makes her debut. We are excited for Kevin & Sam; they are about to start their own great adventure.

That's it from Dover, PA. My next post will be from Kansas! Until the next time . . .

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