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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Whew! Lots to Catch Up On!

After a couple of days at Sam's parents' home, it was time for us to get in the truck and head east – back to our home that was waiting for us in PA. About 8:30 Wednesday morning, we said our good-byes amid some tears (me) and hugs (everyone) and we started our 1200 mile journey.

Our destination for Wednesday was just east of Indianapolis, to a LaQuinta. Figured it would be about 11 hours on the road. I was a bit off, we arrived about 8pm or so and were just beat. There was a Cracker Barrel next door to the hotel, which was great. We scarfed down our dinner – really fast, apparently, because the waitress commented on it! But, we hadn't eaten since about 11 that morning and were definitely hungry. We spent a good night at the hotel (we really like LQ) and again got back on the road about 8:30am.

We were looking forward to our drive on Thursday for two reason; first, it should have been a short day of just nine hours or so. Second, we were meeting Deb & Rod Kendall for brunch!!! We haven't seen them since we first met back in the winter of 2009 in Rockport, TX. So excited about that.

The first snag came just west of Columbus and about 45 minutes from our meeting place with Deb & Rod. Traffic came to a dead stop – I mean, dead. Nothin' was moving. I called Deb to say they probably ought to just go on, but great folks that they are, they said no way. They'd wait for us. Okay . . .

We finally decided to get off I-70 and take a side road around the traffic, thanks to Deb's suggestion. We just never think about doing that because when we're towing, we just put up with traffic 'cause getting off can lead to some unpleasant surprises. But, this time it worked out great. We got past the back-up, back on the road and were at the Flying J where Deb & Rod were within 20 minutes. Better late than never? :)

We had a great meal with Deb & Rod and it was over much too quickly. Due to our being so late, we couldn't hang around too long. They needed to continue their westbound trip and we had at least five more hours to go to get home. So, it was hugs and “see ya laters.”

Deb & Rod Kendall

But, as Randy commented as we left, we sure do wish we could spend more time with Deb & Rod. They are fabulous!

Our drive was going well until we were well into PA and the rainstorm hit. And rain, it did. Sheesh! That slowed us down some. After a quick stop at Arby's for a take-out meal, we got home about 9pm. Definitely not the nine hours I thought we'd spend on the road!! But, oh my! How fantastic it was to be home!!

More to share in another post, just too much for one!

Until the next time . . .

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  1. Glad you didn't have to cancel your lunch and made it around the traffic jam.