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Friday, August 05, 2011

Days 4, 5 & 6

Let me tell, if this is the toughest gig I ever get – I'm one happy girl!! This is the last day of our “Reagan Watch” and it has been a piece of cake. Not that I'm biased or anything, but Reagan really is a great kid. She has her opinions (wonder where the heck she got THAT!?!?!!) but that's okay. She's growing up and should be able to express herself.

Wednesday (Day 4) was a fairly laid back day. We had talked about going to a movie, but Reagan just wanted to hang out in her jammies for the morning. Of course, she didn't get an argument from Randy or me!! :) In the afternoon Reagan and I went to AC Moore (an arts & crafts store) for their free craft hour. This is such a neat thing – every Wednesday during the summer they offer a free craft for kids.

Yesterday (which would be Day 5) we were a bit busier. Randy & I had to drive into Harrisburg to take care of some financial stuff, so that's how we started our morning. Reagan was a trooper and played on her iPod and also sang along with the songs she has on it. Nothing like being serenaded by an almost-six-year-old! :)

After we got our business done, we were headed to the bowling alley! One of the alleys in the area offers cheap rates on Monday and Thursday – just $1.50/game. Well, wouldn't you know it, that alley was hosting a seminar and had no open bowling. There is another alley close by that is affiliated with this one so they sent us there. I asked if they offered the same deal and was told they do.

You know what's coming now, don't you?? :)

Yep! The other alley DID NOT offer the same deal. Figures. I was a bit annoyed – both with the misinformation and the assistant manager's attitude about it. But, we sucked it up and paid the $2.75 per game. What the heck – it's only money!!

We did have a great time, though. Just watching Reagan squeal and have a blast is good enough for me. It's funny watching a little one handle those ten pin bowling balls! (Sorry the pics are blurry – I’m not great with the phone camera.)

Bowling! Great form

We bowled one game (Randy won that one and he doesn't even like to bowl!); had some bowling alley hot dogs for lunch; and then Reagan and I bowled a second game. I did manage to win that one, but for awhile it was close!

Needless to say we were all tired and ready to come home after our foray into the bowling world. We just vegged the rest of the afternoon and evening.

Today Reagan has been invited for a playdate at her friend, Logan's, house. How nice is that? She's gonna have lunch there and play in Logan's pool and just have a good time. I'm sure she's ready for a break from Pop and Nana. Old people aren't fun all the time!

Very late tonight, Jason & Lindsay will be sneaking in the house. It will be a wonderful way for Reagan to wake up tomorrow. She's ready for her daddy and mommy to be home, I think.

But, it's been a great privilege for Randy & me to spend this time with Reagan. Grandkids are the best.

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  1. Sounds like you had a really nice week. Today is our last day with 11 yr old Rebekah. I have to agree, grandkids are great and I wish the summers were longer so we could spend more time with them. Cherish every moment.