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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Still No Baby

Today is the due date that Baby Girl Guiler (AubreyLynn Rae, to be precise) is to make her appearance. However, as most of us know, those dates are just estimates and these babies come whenever they dang well please. :) Much the same as kids often do as they are growing up! This baby is just letting her parents know what to expect once she does make her debut!

But, we decided to try to help her along by having Samantha do a bit of walking. Last night the four of us went to the mall and walked around a bit. Then, this morning, we fortified ourselves with a late breakfast at Cracker Barrel before doing some shopping (which meant Sam had to do more walking!). After hitting the barbershop (for Kevin), the PX, a local farm store, and Walmart, Sam was ready to come home. She was done!

Unfortunately, that baby is still very content where she is. Guess we just have to wait.

And while we are waiting, Randy & Kevin are going to set up DISH satellite. Up 'til now, the kids have not had TV. Sam's folks are letting them piggyback on their account so they'll have TV. Isn't that nice? We are also helping them organize the RV a bit in order to maximize the room they have in order to accommodate the little one.

Just doing what we can to bide the time until the princess decides to arrive.

Oh! And lots of folks have been asking for pictures of Sam and the baby bump, so here are a couple, as well as one of Kevin & Sam.

Kevin & SamP1130584

I told Sam she had to smile in this one. :)P1130586

And lastly, a tired Samantha after all that walking & shopping.P1130587 Until the next time . . .


  1. Good luck to Sam for a safe and happy delivery. Those babies come when they are ready and not a minute before!

    Deb & Rod

  2. Darrell and Judy7:31 AM

    Patience, grandma, patience!! Baby AubreyLynn is just doing her thing. Walking or riding down bumpy roads to induce labor is just an old wife's tale (emphasis is on "old" tale, not "old" wife - but then again). I think it actually persuades the baby to become more stubborn and hold out a little longer. God bless "all y'all" during this exciting time.