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Thursday, August 11, 2011

LIVE from Milford, Kansas!

Need to catch y'all up on our week thus far. Hasn't been exciting, but I know our readers have just been sitting out there in blogland anxiously awaiting to hear from us! (Yeah, I don't really believe that – my ego hasn't gotten THAT big yet!). :)

Anyhow. Randy & I left Pennsylvania at 7am on Monday. We were looking at ten hours of drive time, wanting to get to Terra Haute, IN for our stop for the night. And we made it. No problems. We arrive a little before 7pm at the Super 8 motel. (Yeah, we are big spenders!) One of the draws for this motel is that they are pet-friendly. Randy got carry out from a Steak N Shake that was across the street and we settled in for the night.

Tuesday morning we were back on the road before 8am, having another eight and a half hours of driving ahead of us. We stopped for breakfast in Greenville, Illinois at a local diner called Lu-Bob's. :) It was everything a local diner should be. And the food was pretty tasty, too.

We arrived at Kevin & Sam's about 5:00 or so Tuesday evening. We'd had a good trip, but were definitely ready to get out of the truck. :)

Sam and Konig, their Great Dane, met us at the door. Kevin was still at work. He finally left us know he was leaving about 7:00. We decided to meet him for dinner at Subway. We were all starving at that point.

It was so good to hug that boy! We hadn't seen him since we left Kansas last November. He looks so good, having gained some weight back that he desperately needed. It was fun to see him and Sam together. We were very lucky to have any time with him as he was going “into the field” on Wednesday. As a matter of act, he left very early Wednesday morning – at 3:15am!!

We haven't done a lot the last couple of days. I've been to Curves the last couple of mornings. Sam & I went grocery shopping yesterday. Today the three of us have been cleaning and readying the RV for the baby girl. :)

I'm sure the weekend will be jam-packed because Kevin will be home. Who knows what may come up!

Until the next time . . .

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